Chapter One - The Sweet Scent of Blood - read now

Chapter one is now posted on my website, feel free to drop by and read, and I hope you enjoy ;)

The Sweet Scent of Blood is released on the 4th September in the UK - less than a week away - Whoo Hoo!! *mega happy dancing here* It is my first book and I'm both thrilled and excited that my story has made it into print. I had a lot of fun creating my characters and my world, and I really hope that anyone who reads it will enjoy it as much as I did when I was writing it.

Read chapter one here


Duncan's Dog Blog said...

I finished the book and I LOVED it! Wow. I want to make specific comments but I don't want to spoil plot for other readers! Let's just say I went crazy on the last page!!!! Cliffhanger! I'm desperate for book 2- have you written it yet?

;-) You're an amazing writer. The book is fresh- with new ideas that I've never thought about [Fey/vampire/human relationships]. Bravo!

Beth Duncan

Suzanne McLeod said...

Thank you so much for your lovely compliments on my book, Beth. I'm delighted you enjoyed it ;)

And I'm writing book two right now, deadline of October! And yes, all the important characters are there, plus a couple more ;)

Thanks again

Suzanne xx

Maria Zannini said...

This was terrific, Suzanne! Well done!

Suzanne McLeod said...

Thanks Maria ;) I so pleased you enjoyed it.

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