Book Treats

Sticking my head out of the Writing Cave here. I sent off the short story I finally finished tweaking today, so I decided to celebrate and treated myself to . . . some books, of course *g*

Waking the Witch: Kelley Armstrong. I love all of Kelley's books, but this is Savannah's story, and I'm very eager to read it, I think she might be one of my fav characters of Kelley's. My only :-( is that I prefer the US cover to the UK one, but ...
Tracking the Tempest: Nicole Peeler. I so enjoyed Jane's first adventure, it had so many great characters, but there was one in particular that intrigued me so I'm hoping to find out more about him in this one *g*.
Total Eclipse: Rachel Caine. Rachel's Weather Warden books are my comfort reads, and I probably re-read them at least once a year. I think this is the last book from Joanne's pov, so I'm sad about that, but I know it will be brilliant. And - David . . . *fans herself*
Unholy Ghosts: Stacia Kane. I love Stacia and her Megan Chase books, and I've been looking forward to reading about Chess and Terrible ever since Staica first mentioned them on her blog (when she first sold the books). I know this one's going to be fantastic.
Death's Excellent Vacation: Charlaine Harris et all. Short stories by lots of my fav authors - including a new Sookie one! - what could be better, other than a vacation to read it on :-)
As Lie The Dead: Kelly Meding. I thoroughly enjoyed Three Days to Dead, and thought it a great premise, and a great world (loved the gargolye) so I'm interested to see how things go for Evy.

Has anyone else treated themselves to any good books recently?

Ok, back to the Writing Cave now, and sorry no links as this is just a fly-by post. But all the books can be found on any of the online book sites :-)

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