Happy Book Birthday to Jaine Fenn - Guardians of Paradise

Jaine Fenn :: Guardians of Paradise

Most people believe the Sidhe are long dead, exterminated centuries ago when the males of the race rose up and fought alongside the humans subjugated and enslaved by the female Sidhe. But Jarek Reen knows better: he's discovered, the painful way, that the Sidhe are alive and well, and still screwing over humanity. They've already killed his sister, so he's not surprised when he discovers an old friend and her partner are next on the Sidhe's hitlist. He helps not only to foil the assassination attempt, but also to muddy the scene of the crime, leaving the Angels Nual and Taro sanMalia presumed dead - and free to join his crusade to expose the insidious influence of the Sidhe, and their evil plans to enslave the human race again. Their mission takes them across human-space, from utilitarian hub-points to rich, exotic planets - where they discover that a brilliant vacation spot hides some of the darkest secrets of all. And that's when they discover how easy it is for the hunters to become the hunted . . .

I *LOVED* Jaine's first two books* Principles of Angels* and Consorts of Heaven, and I know Gaurdians of Pardise is going to be fantastic! And I'm not the only one who thinks so ...

"After a solid debut with Principles of Angels, Fenn's second offering is altogether stranger and more ambitious. A beautifully paced quest, a novel that doles out its revelations slowly yet confidently. The characters are well-drawn and believable. There's more than enough here to suggest that British SF has a major new talent in its midst." (Jonathan Wright SFX )

Happy Book Birthday, Jaine!!

*Ok, I sort of had to read the first since we share an editor at Gollancz (*g*), and I thought it only polite, though at the time I didn't know Jaine and I don't always connect with Sci-Fi books (my fault, not the books, it's just not my preferred genre). But Jaine really sucked me in with her worldbuilding, her characters and her storytelling, despite the fact that I like my sidhe to be, y'know, like my sidhe (faeires rather than powerful alien types, and there are *no* vampires in her books! *g*). 

Then I got to know Jaine and she's become a great friend, but don't let that, or the lack of vampires put you off reading her books. Her first is great, and her second really impressed me (I could tell you so much to love about it, and about the characters and their relationships, but that would be spoiling it :-D). She's a brilliant writer, and I can't wait to see what she's done with her third. I know it's going to be as fabulous, if not more so, than the first two :-). 

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