Hallowe'en Shenanigans

I ♥ Gollancz!

Yay! It's Spellcrackers.com week over at the Gollancz Dark Fantasy page on Facebook.

There is a good chance of contests and giveaways, so why not head over there and 'like' it :-)

And while you're over there check out the pictures from the Gollancz Hallowe'en party for more snaps like these ... much fun was had by all!

Here I am witching it up at the Gollancz Hallowe'en party

Bubble, bubble, toil  and trouble with my fabulous editor Jo (centre), and another lovely witchy lady from Gollancz - notice the tray of Bloody Marys* I was studiously ignoring *g*

It's a Steampunk Stickup with Bella Pagan, editor at Orbit


I will also be at the Bridport Literary Festival in Bridport, West Dorset, this Saturday at 11.00. I am being interviewed about vampires, witches, faeries, and other scary things that go bump in the night - particularly around this time of year *g*

If you're around that way, I'd love you to come and see me!

After the interview I'll be signing books, or anything else (within reason :-)).

*or should that be Bloody Maries? Except that doesn't look right ...

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