Signing + Puppets + New Russian Cover

This Sunday, 8th May, Ben Aaronovitch and I will be signing at Waterstone's, Covent Garden between 2 pm and 4 pm. So if you're out and about in the vicinity, then please, do come and say hello! We won't bite, honest :-D.

I'm happy to sign any of my books, or anything else (within reason *g*), so no need to buy new, unless of course, you've got friends you think might enjoy either of our books *hints* :-D. But feel free to buy other authors' books if you see anything you like (hey, it's a bookshop, there's always going to be lots that look great!) and help keep our bookshops thriving :-).

Ben is the author of the fabulous Rivers of London(Midnight Riot in the US) and Moon Over Soho(both out now in the UK and US), featuring Detective Constable Peter Grant. Ben did a mouth watering guest post here on the blog not so long ago where he talks about The Gumbo School of Writing!

Facebook event page here.

And if you needed any more incentive to come, the wonderful Puppet Fayre is on in Covent Garden :-).



Here's the awesome Russian cover for The Cold Kiss of Death a.k.a. Холодный поцелуй смерти.  Isn't it gorgeous? *Bounces* I'm not entirely sure what date the book actually releases, but hopefully soon!

With grateful thanks to the cover gods at Azbooka. I absolutely love the cool blue colour, and the background, and the bats*! Yay! I've been so lucky with new covers recently, and this one is going to look freaking fabulous next to The Sweet Scent of Blood, as you can see . . . *g*


And just a quick reminder that this week's celebratory giveaway is for A story about Magical Apples and how they bring two lovers together: Magic Slays (Kate Daniels, Book 5) by Ilona Andrews! Giveaway is international and ends 9th May, so there's plenty of time still to enter!

Plus the marvellous Mardel over at Rabid Reader has a giveaway for The Cold Kiss of Death until the 6th May! (Int) So why not head on over and enter; even if you've read, it'll make a great gift for a friend, if you win *g*

*Yes, I know there are no bats in my books  . . . yet! *teases*


Maria Zannini said...

I swear the cover gods love you. Lucky girl.

Mardel said...

ooh - I think I love being called the marvelous Mardel! sounds Marvelous!

I almost bought Moon Over Soho - and changed my mind at the last minute (because I'm also weird along with marvelous...and usually will pick a book written by a woman over a man...yeah...weird). I think I need to rethink this decision....have you read it?

Those covers for your books are kick-ass (or kick-arse! lol)Pretty sweet.

Good luck on the signing day, hope you don't have to sign anything too weird....maybe a nice handsome chest or abdomen? haha.

Suzanne McLeod said...

Maria: Thank you! They have been wonderful to me :-D

Mardel: Well, of course, you're Marvellous *g*. Moon over Soho is the 2nd book. Midnight Riot is the first; it's an UF police procedural, set in the real world (no real fantasy creatures, as all the characters are embodied in humans, but with ghosts). I've read the first, and it's a great read; the humour is very British (more than mine :-D). Lol! It would be good to get a handsome chest to sign! *g*

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