International Urban Fantasy Month - Winners!

Thanks to all who entered, there were lots of great Urban Fantasy posts and lots of Urban Fantasy love!
I had a lot of fun reading them all!

Now for the winners of the International Urban Fantasy Month giveaway . . .

*Spooky Drumroll*

Blodeuedd who said...
I love it because honestly it is just so kickass. I love the spunky heroines that know what they want and they do not back down and have to be rescued by the hero (well not all the time at least)

And I love that there is always that hint of romance around the corner, sometimes explored a bit, sometimes growing

Anna who said...
I love Urban Fantasy because it is the first genre I discovered when I decided to read something in another language than my native one.Silly I know but first love does hard :)
And I love its authors because they seriously know how to create tough female heroes who struggle to overcome any obstacles!

Breanne who said...
I love UF because you can get a great story with elements of mystery, action and romance, all rolled together with a magical twist. Great way to spend an afternoon and escape to a new place for a few hours.

Congratulations all! Happy Hallowe'en! And emails are on their way to the winners soon!

*Thanks to Pumpkin image from here (with many more cool ones!) with thanks!

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Blodeuedd said...

*jumps up and down*

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