Romantic Times Convention + Game of Thrones!

I will be at Romantic Times in Chicago* for the next week!Yay! Hugely looking forward to going and to seeing/meeting-in-the-flesh all my US friends.

I'll be there from the Tuesday to the Sunday - and will be appearing as below - otherwise I will be most easily found in the bar! So if you're about then do please say hello! I don't bite*, honest! *g*

The Romantic Times Booklovers Convention 2012 - Chicago.
April 11 - April 15 2012

Saturday Author Signing

Seven Minutes in Urban Fantasy Heaven
Join us for the most intense urban fantasy hour ever. Authors will find their funniest, most romantic or most action-packed scenes … and have just seven minutes to read them aloud to you! You’ll get a whirlwind trip of different creatures, styles and characters — as well as the chance to win books from all of the participating authors.

Moderator: Richelle Mead
Panelists: Lynda Hilburn, Suzanne McLeod, Kristin Painter, Nicole Peeler, Jaye Wells!

I was at Eastercon in London on Saturday and had a fabulous time*. I managed to say hello to lots of wonderful folk, though also managed not to spend as much time as I wanted to with anyone, and sadly missed some altogether - the perils of only going for one day :-(. And numpty that I am, I didn't realise my camera battery had almost discharged itself from the last time I took pics. *slaps self* But I did manage the requisite 'Game of Thrones' pictures*! *g*

The prim and proper pose!

The obligatory silly pose!

The wonderful Elspeth Cooper - writer of awesome EPIC fantasy!

The lovely @babelfishwars

* I'm in Panic Packing Mode right now!! *flails* But I will endeavour to blog* all about it when I return ...  Yep, I know, I'm a bad blogger - *hangs head in shame* I blame the bad back/copyedit/day job combo *will try harder* ;p
* cameras scare me!
*Huge thanks to the Eastercon committee, they did an absolute awesome job organising everything.


Maria Zannini said...

Hmm... The chair fits you.

Are you keeping something from us?

Suzanne McLeod said...

Maria: Lol!

Sandy Williams said...

See you on Tuesday!

And I LOVE the Game of Throne pics!

Maria said...

Have a great time, hope its fun all the way!

Mardel said...

how fun! good pictures.

Did you have one of those 7 minute scene readings or is that just happening in Chicago? Chicago is so far from me...not that I'd ever manage one of thse type of convention visits. The thought alone gives me palpatations (haha, not really - but I do get this nervous feeling).

Suzanne McLeod said...

Maria: A belated thank you! & I did have a great time :-)

Mardel: The reading was just in Chicago. I was on a panel about worldbuilding at Eastercon and *cough* in the bar *cough* *g* You'll have to look out for a convention near you sometime - I think some of them do go to your area :-)

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