Fox Cub Bookplates*!

I've been procrastinating ... er, updating my website! *g*

Signed Spellcrackers bookplates - personalised if you so wish - for all 4 books*, now available for free download here!

The bookplate for The Shifting Price of Prey  has a tiny cryptic story clue . . . just sayin' :-D

*cue shameless self-promotion*

The Shifting Price of Prey is out 30th August in the UK*, and is available for pre-order here in print and here in Kindle! *looks hopeful*

Or, y'know, you could just pop over and click the like buttons on their Amazon pages, which works too!

(other book buying options than Amazon are, of course, available :))

And now I killz you with the fox cub cuteness! *g*

And if you want to see what that poor, put-upon clump of grass looked like 2 weeks ago, check out this video!

And for a longer look at our own Foxwatch, here's 'Feeding Time' where we find out who's the boss!

*Sadly, no news on a US publication date as yet. Soon as there is - *fingers crossed* - you can bet you'll hear the ecstatic screams, for sure!!

*Yep, missing conjunctions make for more catchy blog titles. Right?  *g* 


Melliane said...

it's a really nice idea! And I really really can't wait to read the Shifting Price of Prey.

Suzanne McLeod said...

Thanks, Melliane. And not too long now :-)

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