Malik interviewed by Dangerous Romance.

The lovely ladies, Laurie and Sabina, at Dangerous Romance tell the tale of how they came to Spellcrackers London to interview Malik*, asking him questions like, how does he really feel about Genny? Why is he so protective of her? And what does he think about Finn? 

*Malik’s answers were given by ‘him’ (under my close authorial supervision - can't have him giving any spoilers out! *g*), and my own interjections were, of course, my own. Spellcrackers London used by Dangerous Romance with my permission.


L. Blanchar said...

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity to play in your world, meet Malik in person and for protecting us from him when things got a little crazy there at the end. It was fascinating.
He is as sexy in real life as I'd imagined, but WAY scarier!
You're the best!
Thanks again,

Suzanne McLeod said...

Laurie, you and Sabina are very welcome! Awesome you both had (scary) fun and thanks so much for playing along and meeting Malik! *g*

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