The New Furry Addition to Our Family.

Me and Mr Mc decided a couple of weeks ago that it was time to look for another Hound. Our last two Hounds were both rescues and were very much loved during the time we were lucky enough to have them with us. So we knew we wanted to find another dog who needed a new home. We looked around online and saw a gorgeous dog called Bella at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London. After applying and being approved, we high-tailed it up to Battersea last Friday to meet her. She was, and is, as fab as she looked, and she seemed to like us too. So after a couple of hours getting to know her a little, we brought her home with us! Yay!

So this is Bella! She's 2 years old (and is still very puppy'ish :-)) and is a Labrador/German shepherd cross. She's a fantastic girl, loves a cuddle and is very bright (other than when it comes to patio doors not being open; good job she's got a tough head!!) and she knows nearly all her basic commands. We just need to work on her lead handling and her recall, which are always the hard ones. :-) She's settling in well (as you can see below!) and now she's been home a few days she's starting to relax and is treating the house and garden as her territory, rather than just as a new and exciting place to explore :-)

She's looking a tad worried here, but having your picture taken gets you like that sometimes *g*

There are some, or rather, a lot (proud new Hound mum *g*) more pictures of her here on flickr, and a short video below :-).



Maria Zannini said...

She's gorgeous! And such a big girl. I used to have a dog with a perpetually worried look on her face. :)

I'm so glad you found her. That is one lucky pooch.

Sabina said...

Suzanne, she look gorgeous! She's built beautifully, well muscled. And om my, her ears are just adorable! It's like they couldn't decide if they wanted to be a lab or a german shepard and landed right in the middle! :-) CUTE!
Oh and just so you know... The patio door? It's VERY german shepard. They will NEVER grow out of it, but they're sturdy! ;-)

She looks lovely and I'm happy that she found a new home.
Congrats on being a new hound mum! :-)

Suzanne McLeod said...

Thanks, Maria. She does lose her worried look occasionally, when her ears prick upright. Then she gets even cuter :-D

Thanks, Sabina! Her ears are adorable, and she knows how to use them, and the sad puppy dog eyes *g*

Bella sends sloppy kisses to you both! xx

Mardel said...

I love that you have Bella now. She's a beauty, also and looks like a fun dog to have. Enjoy! and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays etc. ;)

Suzanne McLeod said...

Thanks, Mardel. Bella is wonderful, and such a good girl (except for the stealing; dog has ninja stealth moves *g*)

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