Dirty Magic - #1 in The Prospero's War Series

Yay! Huge Congrats to Jaye Wells! Dirty Magic, the fab first book in her awesome new urban fantasy series - Prospero's War - is out today!

From Jaye's website:

The Prospero’s War series combines the action of police procedurals with the speculative elements of urban fantasy. It’s a world where cops and wizards are fighting a war over addictive, dangerous, and illegal dirty magic. Kate Prospero knows a lot about dirty magic. Before she became a cop, she was raised in a coven that ran the Arcane criminal underworld of Babylon, Ohio. Her history helped her land a spot on a Magic Enforcement Agency task force, but as she works to bring down old friends and family members, she’ll have to face her own dysfunctional relationship with magic.

And if that doesn't tempt you, then let me tell you Dirty Magic is a brilliant book full of complex and intriguing characters (Kate Prospero is smart, ambitious, and chock full of conflict about her family, job, and magic); unique and fascinating world-building (the cauldron leaps off the page, and the alchemy potions and their kick-backs are inspired); and plenty of Jaye's trademark hard-hitting action (Kate is one kick-ass lady, and the rest of the players aren't shy of getting down and dirty either!). Dirty Magic is dark and gritty and twisty, and definitely a treat to read*!

*Yes, of course I've read it! And you can all be jealous, 'cos you'll want to read it, too - and today you can! Yay! *g*

Read the first chapter of Dirty Magic here

Order Dirty Magic now from Amazon UK | Amazon | B&N | Apple | Indie Bound

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