Carmine Rojas: Dog Fight by Che Gilson - Cover Reveal.

My lovely writer pal Che Gilson* has an AWESOME new novella coming out soon with Black Opal Books, and here's the reveal of the fabulous cover!

I'm lucky enough to have read Carmine Rojas: Dog Fight and I absolutely love Carmine. She's a mega kick-ass wolf-lady, and her story is a fun, pacy, super-action packed, explosive tale full of amazing characters. Definitely one to read if you like urban fantasy!

Here's the back cover blurb!

Illegal pit fighter and werewolf Carmine Rojas gets an off-hours assignment from her boss. Baby sitting a skinwalker who’s gotten herself in trouble with the yakuza. Carmine may kick ass in the ring but tangling with the yakuza is well above her pay grade. Carmine turns to her gang-banger cousin Rodrigo for help and fire-arms. Together they spend a terror filled night battling yakuza thugs, bickering over family, and blowing shit up.

Find Che:
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Ailsa said...

Sounds interesting :)

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