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A fantasy social networking site - forums, events, author chats - has been set up at:


For all things fantasy - wherever you are in the world - Wonderlands is well worth a visit.


Duncan's Dog Blog said...


I received your book today; thank you so much! I cannot WAIT to get into it! I'll blog as soon as I finish it!

I visited the Wonderland website and it looks great. Did you design it, or did you publish the page you gave us the link for?

Thanks again for everything. ;-)

Beth Duncan

Suzanne McLeod said...

Hi Beth

Wonderlands is a new fantasy social site, and much as I'd love to claim kudos for it, I'm just a memeber. It's been designed by the organisers. My page is one of the site's templates (wonderful things - one click and it's all done for you *g*)

Great you've recieved the book, and thanks for letting me know.

Hope you enjoy the read!

Suzanne xx

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