Jasmyn :: Alex Bell - Happy Book Birthday!

Happy Book Birthday to Jasmyn :: Alex Bell

"One day, without warning, Jasmyn's husband died of an aneurysm. Since then, everything has been different. Wrapped up in her grief, Jasmyn is trapped in a world without colour, without flavour - without Liam. But even through the haze of misery she begins to notice strange events. Even with Liam gone, things are not as they should be, and eventually Jasmyn begins to explore the mysteries that have sprung up after her husband's death . . . and follow their trail back into the events of his life. But the mysteries are deeper than Jasmyn expects, and are leading her in unexpected directions - into fairytales filled with swans, castles and bones; into a tale of a murder committed by a lake and a vicious battle between brothers; into a story of a lost past, and a stolen love. She's entering a magical story. Jasmyn's story."

Alex is a brilliant writer, a very cool lady [check out her blog here]* and a wearer of seriously *hot* shoes! But don't take my word for it, here's what others have said ...

"Impressive." (Jonathan Wright SFX )

"Bell's strength lies in fusing fairytale and psychological suspense in a compelling modern narrative, combined with effective characterisation. Bell charts original territory with considerable charm." (Eric Brown THE GUARDIAN )

"Occasionally heart-wrenching, occasionally creepy but altogether deeply personal character study. Bell's charactersisation and prose is infectious, expressed on the page with an oddly compulsive pace. All in all, this is a fine piece of literature." (James Rundle SCI FI NOW )

* Don't forget to say hello to Erin ... seen here with Alex :-)


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Suzanne!

Let Alex know that cover art is fantastic! I love the look!

Dottie :)

Suzanne McLeod said...

The cover art is great. I'll let her know you said so, thanks Dottie :-)

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