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Snowed under by RL here, so more later, but have managed to get the website updated with a new Contests page for the upcoming US release of The Sweet Scent of Blood - # 1 on 27th April 2010.

Go check it out, it's here, and enter to win books!

Go on, you know you want to *g*


And if you're looking for something great to read right now . . . then look no further than the fabulous Marta Acosta of Vampire Wire, and Casa Dracula fame - she's offering her full length YA book The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove free to readers. I read some of the first chapters of this some time ago on Marta's blog, and it's fantastic reading. So what are you waiting for! Go read now!

Ad made by Amanda at Love Vampires! She's read The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove, and said it's "Bloody brilliant." Yay!


Marta said...

Thanks for mentioning my book, Susanne!

pattepoilue said...

Ohhh I will take a look at The Shadow Girl of Birth Grove as soon as I found some time! Thank you for mentioning it.

Woot Woot! Contests *g* I'm waiting for the sun to reappear to take a picture of your books next to THE monument of my city *g* Lol right now it's raining though!
I'll make sure to pimp your contest in my next post.

BTW I'm SO happy to have you on Book Lovers Inc in a few months! *happy dance*

Have a lovely weekend =)

Suzanne McLeod said...

Marta: You're very welcome :-)

pattepoilue: Yay! Sounds like a great idea for a pic :-) And I'm looking forward to being on Book Lovers Inc - thanks for asking me :-)

Mr Lonely said...

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