Superstitious reading . . .

. . . and one late arrival to the B'day book haul*. Yay!

So, onto superstitious reading . . .

The other day hubby and I were talking about superstitions and he admitted he had one. Not only was this was amazing (I was pretty much under the impression he didn't do superstitions, since that's what he told me when we first met - admittedly a loooooooog time ago - so this was a strange Huh, what? moment for me *g*) but his superstition is a really odd one I've never heard of before.

Here it is!

Whatever book he's reading, when he hits chapter thirteen, he *has* to read it all the way through without stopping**. So he won't start reading unless he knows he's got time to finish!

Weird, huh?

Or maybe it's just me that thinks that?

So, anyone else out there got the same superstition***, or any others to do with reading?

*I haven't read any of Meljean Brook's books before, just a short story which I loved. So I was thrilled when this one turned up in the B'day book haul, although I'm not sure how I managed to add book 3 to my wishlist instead of book 1. Hmm. I quite like reading series in order, so I might have to leave this one further down the TBR pile until I get hold of books 1 & 2.

**What's even weirder, is that we met on the 13th Feb, so thirteen is sort of our lucky number. Go figure :-)

***Of course, if you do, I in no way mean to imply you're weird, just my hubby, and he knows I love him, so he'll forgive me. Probably *g*


Sharon Ring said...

That's not a superstition I've heard of before but I really like it, most unusual. Did he explain his reasoning behind it, where he maybe picked it up from?

Suzanne McLeod said...

Sharon: He says he doesn't really know where it came from, it just seemed to grow on him over time *g*

Sharon Ring said...

How bizarre! Still, these are the things which make us what we are. I do think it's a heck of a good superstition to have. :)

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