Birthday Book Haul!

Sunday was my birthday (many thanks to everyone who sent me Birthday Wishes!). I had a lovely quiet day: a trip to the garden centre to buy some plants (B'day vouchers to spend! Yay!), visits with family and friends, and writing :-) And lucky girl that I am, I had these!

Yay! My family are the best! (they know how to find my Amazon wish list *g*) So big hugs and thanks to them (and the authors) for many future hours of happy reading.

My wonderful hubby gave me lovely flowers, yummy cup cakes (help yourself :-)), my fav chocs, and a very beautiful ring.*

And finally sorry for being absent, and leaving you all with nothing but tomato pic spam, but the writing/edits/re-writes on The Bitter Seed of Magic are eating my brain cells/time like this little guy below eats roads, and I haven't a lot left for much else**. Even my B'day books will have to wait a while.

*Yep, I know, I should've taken a picture of it in RL . . .

**which is a good thing, cos that way the book gets the best of me, and that makes it even better, so it's a win, win situation :-) )

And don't forget you can enter for a chance to win my books, or if you've already got them, you can win one of my fav, autobuy authors' books. Check out my website here!


Liz said...


Firstly, huge birthday wishes, belatedly so. But secondly, good book haul, my friend! Looking at the names and covers and I'm going: yep, wanna read that and that and that. ;-)

So glad you had a good day but uhm, you know hurry up with the writing already. My eyes are getting impatient for the NEW McLeod! <- kidding of course.

It comes when it comes and I have to admit that you are quietly one of my heroines. But then you knew that already.

Mwah kisses.

pattepoilue said...

I am STILL drooling over the cupcake pics! Nom nom nom They look so delicious!
Wow that reminds me that I wanted to order the Dragon books from Patricia Briggs! The ring is gorgeous! I've never seen one like that =)
Ah it sounds like you had a great time =)
Have a great week Suzanne!


Falcata Times said...

Bad Suzanne, Bad. You put up pics of cakes and then don't bother offering any round. Hmmmpppphhhh.

Great haul though, there's a few I haven't read yet.

I spent a good while up last night with a really weird book idea that I'm going to have to put into action. My test subject shall be my 3 year old Nephew and see how he gets on with it.

Suzanne McLeod said...

@Liz: Thank you! And thank you for the lovely compliment, much appreciated.
S. xx

@pattepoilue: Thanks, Caroline! I've been meaning to order the dragon books for a while too, so was really pleased to be given them :-)
S. xx

@Falcata Times: You're very welcome to have a cup cake :-) And hope your nephew loves the idea :-)
S. xx

BrittLit said...

Those are fantastic looking cupcakes! Happy belated Birthday wishes to you!

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