Mysterious Seeds + Tomatos = Pic Spam Blog Post!

My brain is deep in edits of Spellcrackers #3 The Bitter Seed of Magic just now. The first few chapters were tough going as I needed to cut the original couple of chapters and redistribute the plot info/action etc they contained throughout the next few. Which I think now starts the book of in a better place. It also means that my little grey cells are mostly porridge :-)

And really, all of the above is just my excuse for subjecting you to some more tomato pic spam *g*(previous tomato pic spam is here)

The leaves growing in the bag in the pic, were supposed to be salad leaves that we could cut as we needed them. We've grown that type before. Except, hubby bought the packet of seed (by looking at the picture on the front!), and it was only once they started growing that we actually checked what they were. Which turned out to be radish, cabbage, mustard, cress and some other unidentifiable green stuff*, that the packet enthusiastically calls, 'Restaurant Green Garnish'. So, *not* the mixed salad leaves that we expected (and eating radish leaves is not recommended, they're spiky!). So, sadly since this picture was taken, the leaves have gone to the great compost heap in the sky, and the mini lettuce plants growing in the pots have now been transplanted :-)

Anyone else ever bought seeds and then discovered they got something other than they expected?

Oh, and another question, has anyone watched Tim Burton's film about Ed Wood. I'm thinking it looks interesting, so if you have, would you recommend it? Or not? Of course, it's got Johnny Depp in it, *swoons* so it get bonus points to start with *g*.

*Disappointingly neither 'Bitter' nor 'magic' . . . :-)


Maria Zannini said...

That just floors me to see tomatoes in bags. Very cool.

I don't think I've ever gotten the wrong seeds, but I have had mysterious volunteers show up in the garden. Maybe from the previous season. Who knows? We stay warm 9-10 months out of the year.

Too bad about your salad greens. :(

Mardel said...

We've had tomato "volunteer plants" show up in our garden after planting the year before. They come up from seeds from last years tomatos especially when pregnant women are standing in the garden eating tomatos right off the vines, gorging on them and possibly dropping some seeds. Works with toddlers that eat off the vine also. :)

Suzanne, your plants are getting nice and big. Just wait though - in a few weeks they're probably going to be huge - especially if you keep getting that nice weather

Mardel said...

Oh yea - the Ed Wood film. I happened to watch it the other day on cable. It was.....different. The "vampire guy was in it, but portrayed as a severe drug addict, though no graphic scenes of drug use, just showed how severe his problem was. Ed Wood's character, I couldn't decide if he was portrayed sympathetically or if Burton was exploiting his cross-dressing habits. The acting was very 1950's style, the speech patterns and speech. It was interesting, just very different. All black and white.

I think those spiky leaves are the things my sister puts in her "garden" salad. We, (her daughters and I) call it her Weed salad. We tease her about weeding her garden and putting the weeds in a salad. very bitter. I don't like salads at my sister's house, except she is able to alway have an abundance of very ripe, very tasty avocados. avocado heaven.

P.S. So looking forward to reading Bitter Seed of Magic. When ever it comes, I'm putting everything else aside and reading it. Oh yes!

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