What to read next ...

I have just finished reading this wonderful book* - loved. Loved. LOVED it - and now have an embarrassment of book riches to choose from next.

*If you haven't read it yet, go read! Brilliant, fantastic story full of wood-elves, a hot half-fairy, and a heart-warming best friend :-D

But ...

I have a TBR pile dilemma.

These are the books I managed to sneak* out of Gollancz Towers last week when I visited my lovely new editor, Gillian. (makes everyone drool with envy *g*)

*I my editor! As soon as I arrived she handed me this book, (6 down in the left pile) 'cos she knew I'd love it :-) Then she let me raid her bookcase! Yay!

Plus I have 32! Yes, 32! books on my kindle!

Opps, not sure how that happened ... *one click has a lot to answer for*

Then there's this fantastic book which I've been desperate to read ever since I knew Jon was writing it! 

After all, Jon writing vampires in Venice! I know it's going to be freaking fang-tastic!

Big Thanks and {hugs} to Jon Courtenay Grimwood (who finally, after me begging, pleading and badgering him for months kindly sent it me :-D.

Oh, and there's my original TBR pile which totals ... umm, over 20 books at least, I think ... which is somewhere in all of this! Oh, and there's *cough* a few more *cough* arriving soon ... after all, I've got to get these new ones by all my fav authors :-). 

But there's one fantastic book I've already read - Green-Eyed Demon by my fab Crit Partner Jaye Wells - and I'm giving it away to one lucky commentator here! So what are you waiting for, go enter :-D

ETA: Reading stats: Jan 2011 - Short stories = 4, novellas = 2, books = 11 (inc: 2 for CPs, 1 mine). 9 on kindle/8 on paper - Total = 17


Amberkatze said...

I see Jaye Wells on the Kindle...that is a MUST read! Love her stuff!

Nice haul of books...anything Carrie Vaughn is worth reading. Kitty goes to War is my fav in the series so far.

The Charlaine Harris books are also a definite must read. Both the Aurora and Lily books are on my bookshelves to keep.

Suzanne McLeod said...

Thanks! I'm a lucky girl :-D Yes, Jaye's books are definitely a MUST read! I was really happy about the Carrie Vaughn's ones. I haven't read the War one yet (I've been trying to be good with my book buying ...) and I used to have the Holiday one, but lent it out and it didn't come back *g*. Charlaine's books I'll save for a treat for when I've met my deadline - 'cos I know I won't be able to put them down :-)

Novels On The Run said...

Hi there * waves*

I love searching the dashboard in the mornings before I do anything to see what everybody is reading and how they are enjoying.

The Iron Witch is one of the books I have been waiting to read for ages and Wither. So hopefully soon I shall have a copy in my hands.

The Fallen Blade I have sitting waiting for me at Netgalley but hopefully in next week I shall get my ereader as I have been dedicated to sitting at the computer for hours on end , but it kinda doesn't work with 3 kids and a hubby. So I will be loading it up with some exciting reads...yayaya...oh sooo much to read and enjoy :)

Have a great day everyone:D


Suzanne McLeod said...

*Waves back at Michelle* ereaders are so much better for reading on than the computer (and much easier to curl up with in bed, too *g*). Thanks for dropping by, and hope you enjoy all your books once you get them loaded up :-)

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