Giveaway: Green-Eyed Demon - Jaye Wells

Yay! We're now at week 3 of 16 weeks of giveaways to celebrate the release of

The Bitter Seed of Magic - Spellcrackers # 3 in the UK on 17th Feb (1st time in print)
The Cold Kiss of Death - Spellcrackers # 2 in the US on 26th April (out now in the UK)

And this week's giveaway is----

Hey, dudes! Giguhl here! 

I'm a bad-ass, sexy Fifth-level Mischief Demon, minion to Sabina Kane (yep, that red-headed magepire!) and no, I'm really not a home shopping network addict - that's just a vicious rumour put about by that author chick, Jaye Wells. Y'know, the one who thinks she writes all these crazy-good, hot, action-packed books about me and the red-headed trampire? Well, here's the thing ... I'm the *real* writer, and listen up, sweet cheeks!! Buy MY books or next time you find yourself in a Demon Fight Club, I'm gonna kick your asses from here to Irkalla - and that place ain't no picnic!

Oh, and the pic of the hairless cat?  If you think that's sexy - well, wait 'til you see the *real* me!! I'm seven feet of luscious, lickable horny demon, and my love-stick is---

Mr Giggles! Thought I told you *NOT* to hijack my blog?

Huh! Mischief Demons! Can't take your eye off them for a second ... *shakes head*

Right! Back to the giveaway, which is ...

Green-Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells
UK 3rd Feb 2011          US 22nd Feb 2011

Now I'm lucky enough to have read Green-Eyed Demon* and I can tell you, you're all in for a real treat - Giguhl's, err, sorry Jaye's book has the BEST. SCENE. EVAH**!!  But you're all gonna have to wait for that until the book comes out ;p   For now, read on for a fab extract from Chapter One of Green-Eyed Demon!

On my extensive list of enemies, the top two spots belonged to Lavinia Kane and time. One I planned to kill as soon as possible. That is, if I didn't run out of the other one first.

The dashboard clock flipped to 10:01. The ones mocked me like two extended middle fingers. Impatience was my third enemy.

I'd already been sitting in the white van parked on a windy stretch of road near Pacific Palisades for twenty minutes. The hood of the van stood open, but the engine idled in preparation for the ambush.

"Giguhl, any visual on the car yet?"

"Negative." His voice crackled through the earpiece, but his body was perched in a tree just outside the Dominae compound.

I sighed. "Okay, thanks."

"Don't you mean 'roger'?" he responded.

"Whatever," I said. "Let me know the minute the gates open."

"Hey, Sabina?"

"Yeah?" I said a tad more impatiently than I intended.

"Why can't I have a gun again?

I rolled my eyes. "I might be crazy, but I'm not stupid, G. Now focus."

"I live to serve," he grumbled.

I settled back into the seat. Outside the van, the landscape offered little distraction from my impatience. Scrub brush, low stone walls, and road kill speed bumps. Light from the City of Angels rose above the shadowed hilltops like a dusty halo.

Los Fucking Angeles.

Whoever said you couldn't go home again was full of shit. The truth is you shouldn't go home again. And when I'd left California, I'd promised myself that I wouldn't return. Ever. But Fate--that fickle bitch--made a liar out of me. Again. 

* One of the fab parts of being Crit Partners with Jaye is I get to read Sabina & Co's., awesome new adventures first! *g*
** OMG! Accidental Zombie anyone!

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cegluna said...

I am SO looking forward to GED; this series has me hooked!

Hairless kittehs = awesomeness :)


Anonymous said...

GED will be an exciting book to read! Gighul is so funny!


Jo said...

Excert sounds intriguing and right up my street of books to pick up and struggle to put down!

Burridgejo78 at Googlemail (dot) com

van_pham said...

I started this series last month, and loved it! Looking forward to reading Green Eyed Demon!


DarkestDesires said...

I've nothing but awesome things about Jaye Wells and her books. Heres to another book that will do well! *raises my glass*


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

It is always fun to see Giguhl! :) He just cracks me up. I enjoy reading of him.

We (Robyn of The Bookoholic Zone & I) are getting ready to read The Mage in Black in prep for this book coming out. :)

I'm looking forward to this and all the installments with Sabina and Giguhl. ;)


Anonymous said...

I am LOVING this series Jaye. I'm the girlie who sent you the link to what I had said on my local library website about RHSC. Can't wait for GREEN EYES DEMON....

naughtytori at hotmail dot co dot uk

Ailsa said...

Eep! I didn't realise it was that soon! *does little happy dance*
Can't wait to read more Sabina and Adam! Love these books :-)


twitter= @ailsacf ;-)

Robin K said...

That cat picture disturbed me. Congratulations on your release Jaye!

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

SusanKMann said...

OMG that cat is awesome. I love it. Love the book too, congrats Jaye. Please enter me @susankmann

Pooka said...

Huge congrats to one of my favorite authors that I chose at first because of the cover. See... sometimes you can judge a book by it's cover.

Can't wait to read GED.

hardcorepooka [at] gmail [dot] com

minhchieu said...

that cats pictures kinda disturbing! but cant wat gor GED!

Donna said...

W00T! Congrats Jaye! I've enjoyed the past two Sabina Kane books and I'm looking forward to reading Green-Eyed Demon.

P.S. Um, Giguhl, I think you forgot your pants. Weren't you feeling a little breezy while taken pictures? *sneakers*

donna[.]locklin @gmail[.]com

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jaye on the upcoming release Green Eyed Demon. Fabo series and I just want to say "HAND OVER THE CAT AND NO ONE GETS HURT" love Mr Giggles



Maranda Back said...

OMG I can't wait till GED comes out!:D Mr. Giggles is sooo awesome^^ Jaye(Mr.Giggles) you write a fabulous series!<3

backmaranda (at) hotmail (dot) com

Llehn said...

Congrats Jaye :D


BenjaminDavis said...

I LOVE Giguhl! I think we need a whole book just for him (maybe his own series... )

Feb 22 is my birthday, so that would be an awesome present if i win... ;-)


Cherie said...

Love Giguhl he is so funny I can't wait to read this book I really enjoyed the fist two


KittNLuv said...

That pic is all kinds of wrong!

I love your series Jaye. I agree with Ben up there a whole book or at least a short story of Giguhl!


strange_candy_reviews said...

I cannot wait for GED! Congrats to Jaye, it seems she has written another amazing book. That small excerpt has me salivating for more! Bring on more Giguhl & Sabina.


LadyVampire2u said...

Congratulations on your newest release Jaye! Sounds and looks awesome and I definately need to get myself a copy of this book.

Jessica said...

Congrats on the release Jaye! Can't wait to get it!!


jessicavollman said...

It really is cute series...I've read alot of them and this one is really unique. Making it a pleasure to read.


The Naked Scribe said...

Giguhl is hilarious, and I can't wait to read Green-Eyed Demon.


Bamafever said...

I love this series and can't wait for GED!!! It's one of my anticipated 2011 reads. LOL Giguhl's pic was the topic of some really great convo's last night. Thx
cristyakabamafever at
twitter: toothpickcross

Anonymous said...

Woot. Thanks for the excerpt. I'm so happy for GED to be coming out! Congratulations Jaye Wells!


Mardel said...

Congratulations to Jaye and Mr Giggles on the release of the newest Mage/Vampire novel. I'm interested in this. :)

Enjoyed the excerpt.


Durão said...

Congratulations on keeping putting books out there for your fans!
You deserve all credit on having a lot to say to them!

carlos_durao AT hotmail DOT com

Siobhán said...

Congrats. Mr Giggles / Jaye.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Jaye & Mr. Giggles!

I can't wait to read GED ... I need my Sabina snarkiness fix!

twitter: MizBehavin1

Thanks, Suzanne, for the page 1 teaser and for offering this contest!

Anonymous said...

Mr.Giggles you are so funny!
I'd love to know what your love-stick looks like. I promise I won't laugh or scream out running away from you.


tetewa said...

Congrats on the release, I've been looking forward to this one!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I enjoy fun and funny blogs! And that cat!!!!!!!
Leave your congratulations for Mr Giggles, err, I mean Jaye on her new, here it is! Congrats!

Coribee said...

D: I'm dying to read the next book, and it sounds like we've got our usual laughs from our favorite demon.

I'm contact info is orangefonta at

~Corinne P.

Anna said...

Waiting with bated breath for this. I have been following this series since the beginning and am beside myself with excitement!


Hollie S. said...

Congrats to Jaye Wells for her new book printing, Green-Eyed Demon! Can't help but love Mr. Giggles. Everyone should read her books. They're addictive!


DrkCherry said...

I cannot wait for GED. And Gigs, what's up with the porn shot?

Mysteriousrose said...

Congratulation on the book!
I really want to read it:-)


Dee said...

Congratulations! I can't wait for the book to come out!

jacci said...

i'm on the edge of my chair waiting for this, ready to fall off at any moment, yet i know when i get this book i will be firmly planted there until i read it all the way to the turning of that last crips page.

i love you gighul! and jaye is awesome for bringing him and sabina into our boring old world to spice things up, and hoping there some more action with the yummy mage ^_^

Congrats on the new book, lets hope for a fourth :)


thanks guys!!!

koisoy said...

After reading that extract for ch.1 I'm even more excited for GED! Can't wait for it to come out! Congrats on another release :D


Thanks for such a great giveaway!

Ariadna said...

I am so excited, I cannot wait to read GED.


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