Teasing Octopi FTW!

I am in the Writing Cave trying to wrangle The End of The Shifting Price of Prey sometime very soon *begs the God of Writing*, so apologies for all the quiet round here. The squirrels are digging holes and burying cob nuts in our lawn, and I'd show you a cool picture of a fox, if I could work out how to get it off our new camera . . . so as I epic-fail at that, here's a taster of what the Writing Cave is like just now*

And a Teaser Snippet* from page 69 . . .

‘Are you saying you don’t want to have sex with me?’ I snapped out. ‘Because, spell or no, that isn’t the impression I’ve got.’

His black eyes turned opaque and unreadable. ‘Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol is performing scenes from Scars of Dracula all this week, Genevieve. I would be honoured if one night you would attend as my guest, and after the show, it would be my pleasure if you would join me for refreshments.’

*(only without the political commentary)
* Warning: unedited, so subject to change
* Why yes, I am procrastinating, how did you guess?


Neil Ford said...

Plug the camera in to your Mac, run iPhoto and it will pretty much do the rest for you.

- Neil.

Suzanne McLeod said...

I'm not a Mac girl, Neil! (TBH, the camera software is on Mr Mc's laptop, and I don't want to run it on on mine in case it kills the poor thing, and I can't be bothered to open ups his laptop and work it all out - see epic-fail *g*) (hugs)

Mardel said...

You should treat yourself to a new laptop if possible. :) I don't have a Mac, I have a laptop that runs windows, and when I plug my camera into it, it automatically prompts me to click, giving me options to use with the camera. You can probably do this too. when the computer sees the camera, you can open a file folder and there are your pics. You should be able to copy a picture and paste it on your desktop so you can upload. that's what I do, only I have a folder on my desktop just for photos and bookcovers of wonderful books (like yours - wink, wink!). I'm so computer unfriendly that it's not funny, but I can do this, so once you do a few times, you'll be more comfortable.

Lovely snippet - and Oh yeah, some refreshments! that's code, right? heehee

Those writing caves look tough, be careful in there! :)

Neil Ford said...

For some reason I thought you had made the switch.

Mardel is right though, any fairly modern laptop should just recognise a camera and give you the option to copy the images from it. But I fully understand your reluctance to tempt fate. Such trepidation used to help me earn a living!

- Neil.

Suzanne McLeod said...

Mardel: I should, but I hate change, plus I can't find a new one with the same size screen as the one I've got, without side numbers on the keypad. *picky writer* :-D

Great you liked the snippet, thanks! (Code ... hm, maybe *g*)

Neil: Oh, it'll recognise it, but yep, I really don't want to tempt fate. The laptop is sort of being nice just now *she whispers* :-D

Mardel said...

LOL - I sounded like a computer geek there, which is ironic since I have basically no computer knowledge (hehehehe)

So you don't like side numbers? I love that part of the keypad - it's easier for me to type numbers that way. Well, hope your laptop lasts you for a while then. I don't like change either - although with somethings I love change, such as new laptops, new phones (which I actually don't get as often as I'd like...and new books...of course.)

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