Yay! I have done this . . .

WoooooT! The Shifting Price of Prey has reached The End!

Author's note: reaching The End is a huge, huge milestone *phew*, but the book isn't finished yet. My fantastic critique partner Jaye Wells* and my wonderful Beta readers have to tell me which bits are golden and which bits suck. And then my awesome editor, the lovely (and extremely patient) Gillian (find her here on twitter!) (find her here on twitter!) will be forcing me to eat lunch whilst poking me and the manuscript with a huge and very sharp red pen expertly guiding me to make the book the best it can be! I ♥♥♥ My Editor!

Now I will be doing this to catch up on all things Not The Book!
Except, y'know with more head, hopefully!
(Author's Warning: decapitation only suitable for fictional characters)

And this! 
Except, y'know, without the tennis racket
And some of this! Yay!

So if you're waiting to hear from me about something, anything, or even if you're not *sad face*, thank you for being so patient, and you will hear from me soon as possible! *cross my heart* :-D

And stayed tuned for a wonderful guest post (and giveaway) later today by the fabulous Maria Lima!

*Jaye Wells writes the fang-tastic Sabina Kane series. 
If you're not already reading it, go now and do so! You won't be sorry, I promise!

And just because we do all love Johnny (and nothing to do with spoilers . . . *g*) 
I leave you with this! 


Nancy McGregor said...

Great job, next world domination.

Blodeuedd said...

YAY :D *runs around like a headless chicken too*

*sits down and wait*
Is it here yet?

Neil Ford said...


/me *bounces* around like an excited 4 year old.

- Neil. xx

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Yay! Big congrats!!! Can't wait for it!!! :) And Johnny Depp... yum. We need more of him. I hope you have another Glamour version of him in this book *wink*

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