Messenger of the Goddess!

Hello, my lovlies, I'm absolutely thrilled to show you the Messenger of the Goddess an awesome piece by the fabulous Psynde of Cemetery Cat Designs, inspired by The Bitter Seed of Magic. Wouldn't it make a fantastic present for Christmas, or even a treat for yourself? And why not check out the rest of Cemetery Cat's wares! Lots of wonderful things to choose from if anyone's looking for ideas :-D

‘Messenger of the Goddess’; bestowed with the power to travel between the planes of existence to better serve the wishes of his mistress. To be granted the raven’s assistance is to receive Her blessing and protection.
A sterling silver over brass raven flies across your neck holding an oval faceted rainbow moonstone (with flashes of blue), silver plate chain holds it all together, while another moonstone dangles from the clasp.17"


MrsMixx said...

Ohh that's pretty wicked! Love it. I've seen quite a few book inspired jewelry that looked awesome on that shop.

Suzanne McLeod said...

Pattepoilue: It is a lovely piece. I've treated myself (will put a pic up in a couple of days - when I next put make up on - the glamorous life of a writer *g*), and Synde has lots of great choices :-)xx

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