Book Lovers Inc. Advent Calendar Giveaway!


Christmas is getting nearer every day!

*panics and rushes round like a headless turkey*

And the fabulous ladies over at Book Lovers Inc. have a Book'y Advent Calendar going on. Yay! The giveaway behind today's door is The Bitter Seed of Magic (or winner's choice of one of my books :-D). So why not head on over there and join in the holiday fun!!

Giveaway ends Dec 17 and is INT.. where Book Depository ships.

*inserts shameless self-promo*

The Bitter Seed of Magic is out now in the UK and Auz.
The Bitter Seed of Magic releases US on Dec 27; the perfect time to buy it with your Christmas Book Vouchers! *hint hint* :-D
Bittersüße Nacht is out Jan 16 in German.

*Toots Book's own Horn*

Here's what the lovely Caroline* of Book Lovers Inc. said about The Bitter Seed of Magic!

"This book was fantastic. It’s even better than the 2nd book. The story has so many twists and turns, it was a ‘OMG’-fest in my house. (Suzanne you’re still EVIL!) I just didn’t see any of these events coming. Suzanne McLeod created a very fascinating and complex world. I didn’t want the book to end. Fanta-bulous."
Read the full review here!

I HEART Caroline! *g*

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