Rabid Reader Double Giveaway!

Hello 2012!  I hope you all had a wonderful time ushering the New Year in? Mr Mc and I greeted  it quietly with the requisite malt and shortbread while watching the spectacular fireworks at the London Eye on the TV :-D. Sadly, the excitement and late night (I'm such a lightweight :-D) must have been too much for me as the Migraine Monster attacked yesterday (not hangover related, more's the pity), but after crawling under the covers early afternoon and hiding until this morning, the MM is now only a tiny niggle and victory should be mine very soon. *relieved sigh* :-)

And so onto my first post this new year! Which is to give you the heads up that the fabulous Mardel at Rabid Reader has a giveaway for 'The Bitter Seed of Magic' (Out Now US *happy dance*, and UK!) and the amazing 'Doc Vampire Hunting Dog' by J.A. Campbell. So head over to there now and enter! (there's not a lot of entries, so the odds are good for winning :-)) Open to US only, I think, and ends Jan 15. So, go on, go enter! You know you want to *g*

Yay! Don't the black and red covers look purty together? Though I'm not sure my vamps would be too chuffed to bump into Doc, not with that stake of his! *G*


J.A. Campbell said...

Doc isn't real keen on vampires. LOL.

Thanks Suzanne!!!

Suzanne McLeod said...

Julie: He he :-D

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