Between Dreams and Reality + Fox Pic Spam!


I'm guest blogging over at the wonderful Between Dreams and Reality, in English and French*, no less! I'm chatting about Genny and what happens in the first three Spellcrackers books, so why not head over there and have a look! :-D

And if you missed my last post, I'm at the SFX Weekender in Prestatyn this weekend, where the fantastic Brian Blessed (OMG! Prince Vultan in FLASH GORDON*!!!) is a guest! And if you're going to be there, then I'd love it if you say Hi! I don't bite - truly - and I'm happy to sign anything (within reason - cheques, excepted, of course *g*). 

*The lovely Melliane is super awesome and has translated the post! Huge thanks and kudos to you, Melliane!

*This lucky girl got a DVD of Flash in her Xmas stocking! Yay!  And now you've all got the theme tune earworming it's way into your brains! *g*
Flash a-ah
Saviour of the Universe . . .


And here's some Fox Pic Spam! We think this pair are either siblings from last year, or a new pairing this year! They came in to nab some bread put out for the birds :-) (Sorry, the pics are a bit murky; I took them with my phone through the upstairs window.)


Melliane said...

Thank you so much! I'm so happy for having you on the blog, the Guest Post is just amazing!

Suzanne McLeod said...

You're very welcome, Melliane :-)

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