Songs of Dreamtime - Archetypes and Ancient Themes

The lovely and very talented Sunila Sen Gupta (aka DragonLadych) is creating her first artbook


In Sunila's own words: "It's a collection of recent art based on the theme of archetypes. My own personal vision of very ancient themes."

I've been super lucky to see it as it has come together, and believe me, this book is a truly gorgeous treat. In fact, here's what I sent Sunila about it . . .

"Sunila Sen-Gupta gives us a stunning collection of her unique paintings, many of which offer homage to those artistes who speak to her soul, and unites her art with evocative prose as she reflects on how archetypes and myths inform and inspire our creativity. A book to treasure."

And I'm also super honoured to be Sunila's model for The Whispering Voice ~ "The little (or not so little voice) that always tells you you won't succeed and keeps you from following your dreams. Never listen to her!"

Sunila has a page over here at IndieGoGo to help fund Songs of Dreamtime with perks for contributors, so why not head over and have a look? :-)

Find Sunila on DeviantART

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