Malik and Finn Avatars!


The AWESOME Che Gilson has made these FANTABULOUS Spellcrackers avatars for Finn and Malik!


Woooooot!! Don't you just love Malik's cool eyes! And Finn's hawt horns! *g*

Only sadness (for me anyway), is choosing which one to use first . . . Malik . . . Finn . . . Malik . . . Finn . . . Damn it! How to choose? *Why, yes, I do love all my characters equally* ;P

So, there are two sizes- nice big 350 dpi jpegs you can use on the web and little avatars for places like message boards and LJ. They are the standard 100x100 72 dpi jpegs.  And Che is super generous, as the icons and avatars are free for anyone to use!

Che lives here on Live Journal and here on DeviantART! Go see, she has some fabulous art.Hey, and if you do use them, which would be really cool, let me know in the comments, so I can come and stalk my characters! *looks shifty*

HUGE THANKS to Che!! I heart you!! Wow! I am so lucky to have the most wonderfully talented friends!


Liz said...

Oh my days! These are so cool. I think you will have to roll a dice to decide which to use.

Suzanne McLeod said...

Liz: They are very cool! Che is awesome :-) #avatarsaretakingitinturnsnow #noreflectiononactualcharacterinteractioninbooks *g*

Ailsa said...

They're so cool! I'll have to figure out where I can put one (or both).

Suzanne McLeod said...

Ailsa: Thanks, hon, they are very fab! Che is super talented :-D

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