Interview: Would I choose Malik or Finn? (+ giveaway)

Thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts and emails about Sophie. Mr Mc and I very much appreciate them.

And on to happier things, and some shameless self-promo! (You have been warned :-D)

The Shifting Price of Prey is out soon (Aug 30 if you're in the UK, and if you're not* then the Book Depository do free worldwide delivery :-))

(If you are in the UK and want to buy the print copy it looks like Book have it at a better price than though the Kindle version is even lower! Prices are from today so they may change :-))

Here's a sneak peek at chapter one.

And there's a short extract (featuring a certain tricky kelpie *g*) from chapter two over at Rabid Reader's place.

The lovely Melliane over at Between Dreams and Reality has grilled me about lots including my inspiration for my characters, my favourite book in the series and whether I'd choose Malik or Finn! *g*. And there's a giveaway for winner's choice of one of my books (International where Book Depository deliver. Ends Aug 30). Go here!

Plus don't forget there are Goodreads giveaways for The Sweet Scent of Blood and The Shifting Price of Prey.

And here's some snippets from early reviews (I think they like it! Yay! :-))

'I was very impatient to read this book, I really love the series and it’s always a real pleasure to get into a new adventure. [M]any things always happen in the Genny’s life, and this book is the perfect example. It’s a series that is in constant evolution and I think that each book is better than the last one . . . a quest combining intriguing plots, betrayal, love and hope . . . if you want a good Urban Fantasy series, I can recommend this one that will allow you to discover a world full of magic.'

'Reading The Shifting Price of Prey, like other books by Suzanne McLeod, reminds me of the many layers of petals on a rose . . . each [peeled petal] revealing another twist or turn in the plot - just enough information to drive Genny forward, until the center of that rose is completely opened and the final event is brought to a close....and then there is this chilling set up for the next book. [A]s fresh and exciting novel as the first, second and third in [the] series. Love it. Can't wait to get to the next one.'

‘[F]ast paced action, great prose and of course characters that you love to spend time around . . . Throw into the mix a whole new host of villains backed up with foes of old and all in its been a triumph to sit back and devour. Great stuff.’
Falcata Times

*US Release Date
I've had a reader question  - "I am wondering why there isn't a release date set for the US for the 4th Spellcrackers book" - which I'm going to answer here:

Unfortunately, there isn't a US release date for The Shifting Price of Prey because Ace, who publish books 1 - 3 haven't yet decided whether they will publish any more Spellcrackers books. I am hoping they will as they're a great publisher, and if the 'lady says YES!' then I will run around doing the excited, and somewhat scary to small children and unwary neighbours, author dance update my website and the blog here with the news :-D

But remember if you're jonesing for your next Genny fix then there is always Book *g*

Oh, and talking about a certain kelpie I was up in London the other day and got some fab pics of his home, or rather the RAF monument on the Victoria Embankment.  

This one is a close up of the entrance which Genny uses to visit Tavish in The Cold Kiss of Death. :-)
This one is a taken showing the whole monument. :-)

The rest are here on Flickr.


Melliane said...

I was so impatient to know the one you would choose between Malik and Finn. Thank you so much for this interview, I loved your answers. Hope everyone will love the book as much as I did.

Suzanne McLeod said...

Thanks so much, Melliane. You did a fab interview! You Rock! :-D

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