Giveaway: Iron Crowned - Richelle Mead

One of the things  I love when it comes to writing and reading about faeries/fairies/fae/fay is the sheer variety there is to choose from, as there are hundreds of myths, legends and stories from all corners of the world. It's always a joy to discover a particular faerie that fits right in with the tale I'm telling, and lots of fun deciding how to tweak them to make them my own.

Plus it's endlessly fascinating to see how other authors use the fae in their own stories. So far the different faeries in my books are mostly taken from the Celtic, Norse and European myths, but as I write more stories about Genny and Co., well, you never know who, or what might make an appearance . . . *teases* :-)

And after talking about faeries, it's not surprising that my celebratory giveaway this week (# 6) is for Richelle Mead's Iron Crowned, #3 in the Dark Swan series, which has a whole otherworld full of fay, and a character who is half kitsune: a Japanese fox shapeshifter.

But first I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for helping me celebrate, and especially to those of you who have already read, and loved The Bitter Seed of Magic ( #3) which had its official UK release date on the 17th Feb.(1st time in print). Yay! Happy Book B'day to TBSOM!   
Cake* and bubbly for all! 

And don't forget to check out the side bar for links to where you could win your own copy of The Bitter Seed of Magic!

Plus, of course, in a few weeks time we'll be celebrating again when ...

The Cold Kiss of Death - Spellcrackers # 2 releases in the US on 26th April (out now in the UK)

But now, before we get back to this week's fabulous giveaway book ... 
Giveaway now closed
US cover out 22nd Feb
 Iron Crowned by Richelle Mead 

I'd like to say Many Congratulations to Richelle and her husband on the wonderful, exciting news that they're expecting a bundle of baby joy later this year!Congratulations!

Here's the blurb for Iron Crowned ...

Shaman-for-hire Eugenie Markham is the best at banishing entities trespassing in the mortal realm. But as the Thorn Land’s queen, she’s fast running out of ways to end the brutal war devastating her kingdom. Her only hope: the Iron Crown, a legendary object even the most powerful gentry fear…

Who Eugenie can trust is the hardest part. Fairy king Dorian has his own agenda for aiding her search. And Kiyo, her shape-shifter ex-boyfriend, has every reason to betray her along the way. To control the Crown’s ever-consuming powers, Eugenie will have to confront an unimaginable temptation--one that will put her soul and the fate of two worlds in mortal peril…

UK cover out 31st March

Ooh, I'm so looking forward to this one!! Richelle is a lovely lady, and I adore all of her series, so I know this one is going to be a wonderful read!

You can read an excerpt from Iron Crowned here on Richelle's website!

So, for a chance to win your very own copy of Iron Crowned*, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me who, or what is your favourite faerie. Either a character from Fiction, TV, Film or a type from myth or legend.

Alternatively, leave your congratulations for Richelle on her wonderful news!

How to enter:

Leave a comment with your favourite faerie, or congratulations.
Please leave a way to contact you (email in comment: Please remember to replace @ with [at] to forestall spam - or your twitter name - no way to contact you - no entry).

Giveaway is international and closes end of day (GMT time) 24th Feb 2011

Full General Terms and Rules at the bottom of this post here.

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Please note: My usual blog policy is that I try to reply to all comments on the blog, but for ease of admin I won't be replying to any comments made on any of the giveaway posts during the 16 weeks. Sorry, but it makes it much harder to sort out the winner. I will still continue to reply to comments on any other post :-)

*Winner can choose an earlier book in the Dark Swan series instead.

* Sadly, this isn't the cake that we had at my writers' crit group on Thursday to celebrate (I'm way to disorganised for that), but I photoshopped it from here, and next time ! *she says with determination* I'm going to be getting one of these cool cakes! Just watch this space! *g*

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SusiSunshine {The Geeky Bookworm} said...

OMG congrats to Richelle and her hubby. That is awesome news! All the best to their family.

And my favorite faerie? That is a tough one.
I love Zee in the Mercy Thompson series. And he spoke German from time to time. Rather amusing for me. ;)

@Susi_Sunshine on twitter ;)

Carolyn said...

Many congrats to you both xxx

Thanks for the competition

van_pham said...

Congrats to Richelle and her husband! :)

My favorite faerie is Toby from the October Daye series by Seanan Mcguire.


Avery said...


As for my fav faerie? Hmmmm... I rally like Tamani from Aprilynne Pike's "Wings" series.

Thanks for the giveaway!


Robin K said...

Congratulations from me and all the fae :)

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

Mikki-Manó said...

OMG, congrats! :)
My favourites faeries are in Maggie Stiefvater's Ballad and Lament :)

Thanks for the giveaway,

host said...

Big congrats!!!!!

My favourite is still Tinks :)

franalokas (at) yahoo (dot) com

LiLi said...

Congrats, Richelle! Bless you and your growing family :)


Pam P said...

Congratulations to Richelle!

I like Rain and others from CL Wilson's Fading Land series.

donnas said...

Congrats! What exciting news.

I dont think I can pick a favorite fairy as I dont feel I have read enough of them yet. Working on it though!

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Just_Me37 said...

Congratulations on the baby news :)

About faeries I don't really have a favorite one but I have read a couple of faerie books: Lesley Livingston's trilogy and Maggie Stiefvater's Lament.

crazy_canadian_chick37 at hotmail dot com

I said...

Congratulations to Ms Mead!

My favorite faerie would be Tybalt from the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire.

ihm19610 at

Jo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jo said...

Congratulations.. What fabulous news!

My current favourite faerie is Jenks from Kim Harrisons Hollows series, hes such a character... "Oh tinks panties"

burridgejo78 at googlemail dot com

Spav said...

My favourite faerie is Jenks from The Hollows series by Kim Harrison.


Jo said...

My favourite faerie would have to be... hmm... is it cheating if I pick one of yours? I don't think I've seen any fae on TV. I've read a few fae YA series, one I loved but have now kind of gone off, some I don't like, others I do like but don't wow me. Can I say my Mum? Her name does mean Fairy Queen in Russian... no? Ok, I'm picking one of yours... satyrs! Finn is hot! :)

Congrats to Richelle and her husband!


Vovka said...

congrats to Richelle and her husband!!! this is such a happy news ;)

I don't really have a favourite faerie... sorry!

stvladforum [at] gmail [dot] com

Maja said...

Congrats to Richelle and her living own Dimitri (;

My favorite faerie must be Aprilynne Pike's Tamani from Wings. He is adorable!

Gabrielle said...

OMG! Congrats, Richelle! Best wishes to the soon-to-be parents! So exciting! :D


Nikki said...

Congrats to Richelle!!
My favorite fairy is Holly from the Artemis Fowl series. She is so different from the typical fairy.


Anonymous said...

My favourite faerie is Prince Ash from The Iron Fey series!! Ps Congrats Richelle!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Richelle!!! :D

And thanks Suzanne for the awesome giveaway!

My favourite Fae right now is Zee from the Mercy Thompson series.


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! And i cant choose, its too, too hard!:)

Jared said...

My favorite fairy is the Far Liath. He is the fog, the mist and the assassin of the Unseelie Court.


Anonymous said...

OMG what fabulous new on Richelle & hubby's amazing news. Enjoy every second of it.

As for fav fae, that's SO easy it would have to be the ever succulent, cheeky and down right handsome Fae King Dorian from the Dark Swan Series (yum)

stockys[at] or twitter Stockette010

JessicaLou said...

Congradulations to both you and your hubs being a parent is truly the greatest gift! Goodluck with everything and remember the 5 S's whenever your little one is crying.;-)

Jay said...

I love Tamani from WINGS!! Congrats on the baby news! And thanks for the giveaway!

Jamad Artan

Cibele Ramos said...

What a great news about the pregnancy and the new book!

andreat78 said...

Sounds like a great book!


My favorite faerie character (so far) is Kay from "Tithe" by Holly Black.

Naj said...

Love Richelle and Congratulations to you! :D This is an amazing giveaway! I haven't read anything by Richelle other than her Vampire Academy series.

My favorite Faerie? I haven't read many fairy books so I can't really decide.

International and a GFC follower
email: unputdownablebooks(at)gmail(dot)com
twitter: designmeahuman

Thank you so much for this giveaway! :D

Amanda Leigh said...

Congrats Richelle on your exciting news!

Thanks for the giveaway! I don't think I can pick a favorite faerie. I love too many!


-petit said...

Oooh! Congrats do Richelle and her husband! :D And this kid is lucky :P hahahah

elaing8 said...

Congrats Richelle!

My favorite faerie would be Jenks in the Hollows series by Kim Harrison.

Sara M said...

Congrats on the release! And congrats to Richelle and her husband!

Sara M
sara_UFblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

TheGirlOnFire said...

Congratulations that exciting news!
thegirlonfire27 at gmail dot com

Vivien said...

Congrats to you both!!

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Congrats Richelle!<3

My all time fave faerie is definetly Puck<3


buddyt said...

Congrats to the couple. Hope the pregnancy goes well.

Do we know if they would like a boy or a girl ?

Favorite fairy

My fairy godmother ( although she hasn't managed to find me as yet).
Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

Safari Poet said...

Congratulations! You have so much positive things happening in your life.

safaripoet [at] live [dot] com
safaripoet (on twitter)

Llehn said...

Luke Dillon from Maggie Stiefvater's Lament.


Kelsey said...

Ahh Congrats!! All that hard work has paid off =D
Wow I love the UK cover it's beautifull!!

Lisa said...

I like Claude from The Sookie Stackhouse series.

Congrats on all your hard work!!


JerseyGirl22 said...

My fav faerie is Kaye from Holly Black's books.

Jennifer said...

I love Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series and am really anxious to read this series.

So happy for Richelle and hubby. Congrats!

jennifer.kalman at gmail dot com

BLHmistress said...

Congrats to Richelle and your hubby on your blessed event.

As for Fairies I haven't read too many would like to though.


Aleetha said...

Wow...Congratulation to Richelle. Hope everything will be fine till the d-day.. at gmail dot com

Lissa said...

First off all - yay Richelle! I heard the news awhile ago but, woohoo! favourite faerie? Christian MacKeltar from FEVER series - I'd think he'd count.

Amy said...

I love all of Richelle's books! I wish her and her family well!

My favorite faerie is Puck from Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series.


Mysteriousrose said...

Congratulations to Richelle! She is doing a wonderful job and I cannot wait to read Iron Crowned.


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