Video of Richelle Mead on Iron Crowed + contests

Just a quick reminder that you've got less than 12 hours left to be in with a chance at winning a copy of Iron Crowned* by Richelle Mead (Int). All you have to do is tell me here who your favourite faerie is (or leave congrats to Richelle and her hubby on their wonderful news :-)).

There's been lots of interesting comments so far! Of course, my favourite one is from someone who's has chosen Finn*, the satyr from my Spellcrackers books - Thanks, Jo! *g* - but don't worry, it'll be Ms. who decides the winner :-)

Oh, and there's another chance to win an ebook of Iron Crowned here, (US only - not sure when it ends) where you can also watch a larger version of the video below, where Richelle talks about Eugenie and her world.

*Winner can choose either book #1, #2 or #3 from the Dark Swan series
*Not that I'm biased or anything *whistles* *g*

And don't forget to check out the links on the sidebar of my blog for where you can win a copy of The Bitter Seed of Magic - OUT NOW - in the UK, and available from The Book Depository with free worldwide delivery :-)

1 comment:

Jo said...

Woo! My entry got a mention! I wasn't intending on being clever. I couldn't think of anyone else, and I DO love Finn! :)

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