Dead and Gone :: Charlaine Harris :: Winner

This week's contest is now closed and has drawn no. 8. The winner is ...

RF Long.

Congratulations! You've won a copy of Dead and Gone :: Book 9 in The Sookie Stackhouse, Southern Vampire series along with a signed copy of The Sweet Scent of Blood.

Please email me at contest [at] with your snail mail details.

Thank you to everyone else for taking part and leaving your congratulations for Charlaine and her success. And thank you for your kind comments about my own books :-)

Remember to check back for the details of the next contest later today!


Cecile said...

Damn damn damn... It wasn't me!!

Congrats RF Long!! I hope you enjoy both your books!!! Happy reading to you!!
Hope everyone is having a great Friday!!

suzana said...

Congrats winner!

Suzanne McLeod said...

Sorry about that, Cecile, I know you wanted it :(

Thanks Suzana :-)

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