Hot Wasabi Peas at Forbidden Planet, Southampton this Saturday!!!

So, this Saturday, I'm going to be at Forbidden Planet in Southampton along with my writerly buddies, Alex Bell and Jaine Fenn

This is us at Forbidden Planet in London back in February :-)

But I'm a tiny, bit worried ... Why? I hear you ask. Well, I've just read this on Alex's blog ...

'This Saturday, from 1-2pm, I will be signing copies of Jasmyn at the Forbidden Planet store in Southampton. This is your chance to get signed copies of Jasmyn a full three weeks prior to its publication. Be the envy of all your friends etc. Jaine Fenn and Suzanne McLeod will also be there, signing copies of their books:'

Okay, that's not the worrying bit, signing books I can do :-) and believe me you'll want to get your hands on an early copy of Jasmyn *has jealous moment about Alex's brilliant writing* and then there's the chance to get Jaine's new book Consorts of Heaven early too *has another jeal...* So y'know, you really should come and see us all :-)



Alex says ...

'I’m a little concerned to have seen this event listed in some places on the internet as a “Singles Event”. Er . . . I’m not sure why. Please note, this is not speed dating (at least, I don’t think it is). It is a book signing. You therefore do not need to bring us flowers to get us to sign books. But you can if you want (I like lillies).'

But on a happier note, she also says this ...

'So if you would like to get a signed copy of one - or all of - our masterpieces, then we would love to see you on Saturday. Depending on weather and so on, my Dinky Dane may be wandering about on the high street outside at some point (closely supervised by a family member, of course), and there will be a tin of Hot Wasabi Peas floating around the signing table (the three of us are the Princesses of Fantasy Fiction, after all), which anyone is welcome to sample.*

So there you have it: three very good reasons to come to Forbidden Planet on Saturday. You’ve got signed books, a possible sighting of a Great Dane puppy and the chance to eat a Hot Wasabi Pea** and live to tell the tale. Oh, and I’m bringing the tortoises too. They will be stumping about Forbidden Planet for the duration of the signing. Only kidding. Or am I . . . ? (No, Madam, the tortoises are not for sale. There is no barcode. Please put them down.)'

And not only do you have those three very good reasons, but there will also be Party Rings to munch on [for those not brave enough to try the peas *g*] Yay!!

*Alex Bell cannot accept liability for any projectile vomiting, choking, burning tongue, personal injury or premature death resulting from eating the Hot Wasabi Peas. Consume entirely at your own risk. Do not consume if you are fatally allergic to peas. Do not consume if you are fatally allergic to wasabi. Do not inhale the Wasabi Peas or attempt to insert into nostril. Hot Wasabi Peas are for consumption purposes only.

**Consumption of one or more peas constitutes a legally binding undertaking to purchase at least ten copies of each of our books, despite any oral representations to the contrary.


Mishel said...

One of the many reasons why I'd love to live in London for a while. *sigh*

The wasabi peas made me giggle, especially the warnings and side notes and the bottom lol.

I hope you and the other ladies have tons of fun!!

Mishel said...

Oh and do let us know if weird guys come up and want to Speed Date with you lol. That's so funny.

Cecile said...

Oh that would be sooo funny if men starting showing up with flowers/candy and asking what sign are you!!! I would die, lol!!
I wish I could come... but the great ocean blocks us from just getting there by car... and lack of money for plane ticket too!
But that okay... I know it will go great for you guys!!

Do love the fine print notice for Alex!

Suzanne McLeod said...

Mishel: Thank you, we will defintely try and have lots of fun [and if any strange guys turn up for dates instead of books ... well watch this space *g*]

Cecile: Flowers and candy are always welcome *g* And do check out Alex's blog, she is so funny :-)

Falcata Times said...

Dagnabbit, get a Manchester signing, we have an FP too.

Suzanne McLeod said...

Falcata Times: One day! [soon, I hope :-)]

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