The Cold Kiss of Death : Book Birthday!

Whooo Hooo!! Today is the day The Cold Kiss of Death officially releases*, so this is the SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION post *g*

Kimberly at Darque Reviews has given The Cold Kiss of Death a starred read!

'Ms. McLeod outdoes herself, and takes her fictional world to new levels. The Cold Kiss of Death is a refreshing escape that will keep readers glued to every page.'

Gareth over at Falcata Times says ...

'Great writing, enough sass to make [Genny] believable and above all a tale that makes us all want to visit to see the “hidden” side of this ancient city. . . making [Suzanne] perhaps Britain’s premiere Urban Fantasy Author.'** has given The Cold Kiss of Death !

'The Cold Kiss of Death [is] an exciting and satisfyingly complex read. Throw in an imaginatively realised fantasy London with demons, sorcerers, satyrs, vampires, necromancers and a wide variety of faery beings and it’s clear that this book is a sure-fire winner for fantasy fans.'

Wow! What can I say but A BIG THANK YOU to all of them for reading my book and saying such wonderful things! I'm off to float away on Cloud Nine before my quickly expanding head gets too big to fit through the door *g*

But I'll be back later, so don't forget to come back yourselves to find out the winner of the Strange Brew giveaway; the details of this week's contest; plus the special thank you draw for those of you who have been kind enough to follow me :-)

* Available from The Book Depository with free worldwide delivery - and already received two days ago by one fantastic reader! Thank you, Mardel, I do hope you enjoy it :-)

** has a fantastic new look for their site - plenty of great books to see and read about, so why not go over and visit :-)


host said...

Congrats Suzanne!

Teresa said...

Congratulations1 Great reviews!

Maria Zannini said...


Terric reviews are icing on the cake and so well deserved.

Congrats, Suzanne!

Mandi said...


I'm almost done book one! :)

Llehn said...

Happy Release Day! Eat some cake!

Jo said...

Wooo, Happy Release Day! Enjoy it! :)

Cecile said...

Congrats on the awesome reviews and can NOT wait to get my hands on this series!!!!!

****clapping yayayayay more clapping more yayayayay***

happy dance for you!!!

Suzanne McLeod said...

host: Thank you, Host, for your congrats!

Teresa: Thank you, Teresa! And I'm really blessed with the reviews:-)

Maria Zannini: Aww, thanks so much, Maria :-)

Mandi: Thank you, Mandi! And I do hope you enjoy it :-)

Llehn: Thank you, Llehn! And cake has definitely been eaten *g*

Jo: Thanks, Jo. I will do :-)

Cecile: Thank you, Cecile. *Does Happy Dance with Cecile* You're a star :-)

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