Strange Brew : Winners

This week's contest is now closed and has drawn the following winners ...

Winner 1 = No. 29 Llehn

Congratulations Llehn! You've won a copy of Strange Brew, plus a signed copy of The Cold Kiss of Death; and The Sweet Scent of Blood if you haven't read it. Please send me an email to contest {at} spellcrackers {dot} com with your snail mail details.

The winners of the special 'Thank you for Following' draw are

No. 102 chimera1973 - a signed copy of The Cold Kiss of Death
No. 81 BrigidsBlest - a copy of Strange Brew
No. 60 TinaChristopher - a copy of Dead and Gone [with thanks to Gollancz]
No. 123 shartyrant - Sir Simon Vampire Magnet
No. 35 Lexie - Samantha Witch Magnet

The following 'Thank you for Following' draw winners have won a set of two book cover magnets [The Sweet Scent of Blood & The Cold Kiss of Death]

No. 15 Everlight
No. 43 Cecile
No. 92 house_mouse88
No. 71 Lori
No. 119 pattepoilue

Congratulations and thank you to all of you. Please send me an email to contest {at} spellcrackers {dot} com with your snail mail details.

Thank you to everyone for taking part and for being with me to celebrate and for letting me know your favourite cocktails. There are some really fab recipes there; plenty to try out for lots of celebrations *g*. I had a lot of fun reading the comments and I'm sorry more of you couldn't win. Thank you again.

Remember to check back for the details of this week's contest later today!


Cecile said...

Congrats to everyone that one!!! But most importantly ~ Congrats Suzanne on the book!!!!

Oh and ps... I am lovin the pumpkin cake!!! My bday is Oct 30, so I am VERY partial to Halloween themes... Maybe that is why I love paranormal so much... anything that goes bump in the night!!

Llehn said...

Happy release day Suzanne, and thanks so much for the giveaway! I just sent you my details.

Anonymous said...

Happy realease day! I hop u hav super success and that every1 loves your book! I know i will!

P.S. My favorite cake is strawberry w/ vallina custard in the center! Yum...
Another P.S.
I will make sure 2 spread the word on your new book by chain mail!

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