Friday Three - err . . . now Friday Five!!

Friday Three now Friday Five to check out! aka A Shameless Self-Promotion Post!

# 1 ~ My good writing buddy David Bridger is going to be a guest panellist on Litopia-After-Dark. David is an all round good guy [it's okay, he didn't pay me to say that, but he did bribe me with a mention of my book *beams*] Oh, and he's going to mention Personal Demons* by Stacia Kane**, and all sorts of other writerly goodness. So if you get a chance, go listen and cheer him on - even if he can't hear you :-)

The 45-minute live show goes out at 8pm London time (3pm EST & 12 noon PST) and you can listen here:

And this is where the recording will appear, two days later:

# 2 ~ My other good friend Neil Ford [thank you Neil!] sent me these - The Cold Kiss of Death seen in Borders, Brighton [in pics 1 & 2] , and it looks like it might be on special offer*! Yay! So if you're in the UK and near a Borders, go get yourself a bargain. Pic 3 is in Waterstone's, Horsham, and both my books are shelved in the Horror section; not only that if you look closely, I'm sandwiched between Sunshine by Robin McKinley *Big, Big, Fan-Girl Squeee* and Richelle Mead [awesome writer]!

# 3 ~ The lovely Amber [no she didn't pay me either, but Wow! Do I owe her a big piece of the fab German Chocolate Cake in the Birthday Cake Winner's post here :-)] has reviewed The Cold Kiss of Death at and at her own great blog: Amberkatze's Book Blog.

Amber says . . .

'Genny is the Anita Blake of the Fae world mixed with Rachel Morgan. She is hot, independent and kicks major magical and paranormal butt . . . The series as a whole is dark, action packed and full of mystery. . . Fresh, unique and urban fantasy at its best, this is an author you need to check out if you are a lover of the genre.' Read the rest of the review here.

# 4 ~ The equally lovely Mardel has also reviewed The Cold Kiss of Death at the Rabid Reader [I'm going to need another of those scrumptious chocolate cakes - or maybe two, with her own shaker of Vampire Kiss Cocktail - just for Mardel, as she says such fantastic wonderful things *blushes*]

'Wonderfully done. I'm hoping Ms McLeod feels like writing more about Genny and her crew. I'm hoping Ms Mcleod feels like writing anything in the urban fantasy genre. She writes well, and most important of all- THE DIALOGUE IS NEVER LAME, NEVER DUMB. . . This book just flows, from beginning to end. Suzanne McLeod . . . has now joined my mental list of auto-buy writers.'

One of my favourite bits of Mardel's review is . . .

'I am usually able to read vampire books without feeling all gooey about the vampires { come on...they're dead! and usually cold, and the diet-kind of icky! } but I kind of like Malik, and Darius { the slut }, as well as the fae- Finn, and Tavish....and few others.'

I kind of like Malik, and Darius, and Finn, and Tavish too *g* They were a lot of fun to write :-) Read the rest of Mardel's review here.

# 5 ~ On Wednesday I had a quick day trip up to London, where I signed stock books at both Goldsboro Bookshop [a beautiful, specialist bookshop with some drool-worthy books] and at Forbidden Planet [OMG such a cool place for SFF books and great stuff - check out their website!]. So if you're out and about and want your own signed copy, pop in a buy one. Or both shops have signed copies to buy online.

And now back to the writing cave :-)

*My books are Urban Fantasy as opposed to Paranormal Romance [they do have some *HOT* romantic subplots *g*], but heck, so long as the shops are putting them on the shelves [and not in the gardening section LOL] and anyone interested in buying them can find them, I'm cool :-)

** Stacia's new book Demon Inside is out on the 28th July! I loved the first book and I'm so looking forward to catching up with Megan and her own personal demons: Malleus, Maleficarum and Spud! Happy Early Book Birthday, Stacia!!!


Hagelrat said...

Awesome bunch of authors with awesome books!

Neil Ford said...

I did try to re-arrange the books in Waterstones to give them a little more shelf space, but there wasn't really any room.

I will continue the stealth promotion campaign any time I visit a book shop :)

- Neil.

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
What a wonderful fun blog post.
Thank you for the pictures and the links.
Cold Kiss of Death is on my ToBeRead list.
Great reviews for it too!
Love and best wishes from Northern Ontario

Suzanne McLeod said...

Hagelrat: They are indeed awesome authors I'm shelved with *g*. Thank you :-)

Neil Ford:'Stealth Promotion Campaign' Yay! {hugs} :-)

RKCharron: Glad you enjoyed the post, and I do hope you enjoy TCKoD :-) Thank you!

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