Winners - Dead in the Family ARCs - Charlaine Harris

The winning question as chosen by Orion/Gollancz was asked by Sandra from Long Beach, CA.

Sandra aka Sweet Lady asked:

If Sookie was a real person whom she knew personally, what advice would she give her about her love life?

Sandra's question was asked of Charlaine during her evening Q&A session at the Prince Charles Cinema. Sandra wins ARC # 1 courtesy of Orion/Gollancz.

The winner of ARC # 2 [my carefully pre-read copy :-)] as drawn by is Lee W.

Lee said:

Question: As it seems like the with each book we grow closer to the unthinkable "end", do you find it hard to end the Sookie saga? Or is something you just know and it's gotta be that way?

I know some of us would like to follow sookie through her life, until she's old and gray (and the vampires are looking as hot as ever) but i think that might be one of those "too good to be true" things. Can't Wait

Many congratulations to both of you!! Please send your snail mail addresses to contest [at] spellcrackers [dot] com - replacing [at] with @ and [dot] with . as usual - and your books will be posted out to you. Please send me your details by Wednesday 17th March 2010. Thanks.

Thank you to everyone else who entered, and commiserations to those who didn't win. There were some fabulous questions which made the choice very difficult. Not to mention there were quite a few about a certain favorite vampire [did someone just mention Eric?? and did that someone, or someones want to know more about him and his past?? ... well, if so, then Dead in the Family is going to be the book you will want to read!

Which is a very small spoiler, and a very big tease ... sorry folks *g*

Charlaine is a wonderful, lovely, funny lady, and I was thrilled to meet and speak with her. I'll post more about Charlaine and my meeting her soon.

Thanks again everyone for entering :-)

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Megan O. said...

I've been checking all day. So sad now. :(
Thanks for the opportunity anyway.
So kind of you!

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