Giveaway: Vampires: The Recent Undead - Charlaine Harris et al

This week is # 9 of my 16 weeks of giveaways to celebrate the releases of The Bitter Seed of Magic (out now UK!) and The Cold Kiss of Death(US edition out 26th April), and I'm giving away Vampires: The Recent Undead.  So, I thought it only appropriate that we talk about them :-D Giveaway now closed!

Whether we like our vampires sexy, scary, sparkly, or all three together, there're so many of them about now that if we're a fan of the fang, then we can always find a vamp to suit us. Not that there's anything new about vampires, since entities that survive by consuming the lifeblood of humans are in almost every mythological culture in the world.

And with so many myths and legends to choose from, it makes it both easy and difficult when you're an author wanting to invent your own fictional history of how vamps have come about.

So when it came to building my own vampire origins story for my Spellcrackers books, I decided to add a good dash of Greek myth into my bloodsuckers :-).

Here, in Genny's own words, is how it all came about, and why the ritual for changing a mortal human to immortal bloodsucker in Genny's world is called 'Accepting the Gift':

'According to myth, the original Gift was the Gorgon’s blood, given by Athena to Asclepius, the Greek god of healing, to help him in his work. Then Asclepius started raising people from the dead, and Zeus took exception, as überGods do, and killed him with a thunderbolt. The sun god Apollo, Asclepius’s dad, wasn’t too happy either, and he set about rectifying his son’s mistakes by burning the undead to a crisp whenever he could find them. Even so, most feel that drinking blood, staying out of storms and doing without the suntan are easy enough sacrifices to make if it means they might hit the immortality jackpot in the game of vampire roulette.' Extract : chapter 3 - The Sweet Scent of Blood - Spellcrackers #1

Of course, one of the fun things for me as a reader, is seeing what everyone else comes up with when they're writing about vamps. Which leads me on to this week's giveaway -Vampires: The Recent Undead - an anthology packed full of tales about those of the fanged persuasion, with stories by lots of my favourite authors like Charlaine Harris, Kelly Armstrong, Holly Black, Rachel Caine, Carrie Vaughn and many more! I can't wait to sink my teeth into this one *g*

And if you want a chance to win it, then leave a comment telling me your favourite vampire myth (real or fictional), or whether your choice is for sexy, scary, sparkly, or some other kind of vamp! As for me, I'm happy so long as they don't eat food, and stick to an iron-rich liquid diet! *g*

How to enter:

Leave a comment with your fav vampire myth, or your fav type of vampire.

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suzi1811 said...

I will start by saying vampires should never be sparkly! That's just wrong (no offense to twilight, the books were ok but seriously no sparkles!) Scary vampires can be a little too gross in that generally they're made out to never wash so definetly sexy vampires but with a scary edge to them! I never heard the Greek myth about the undead before but I like it, the only vampire myth I'm familiar with is Dracula cause I read and loved the book so that will have to be my favourite!
My twitter name is suzi1811 and my email is suzi1811(at)

Jo said...

My favourite vamp myths tend to be fictional ones where actual historical figures are vamps, and historical events involved vamps.
For example, in Karen Chance's Cassie Palmer and Dorina Basarab series, Vlad Tepesh/Vlad the Impaler/Dracula's whole family, i.e. his brothers, are vampires, with Mircea being one of the main characters in both series. Her novels also include Christopher Marlow, Cleopatra, Jack the Ripper, and the artist Raphael, to name a few.
Even Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series includes Vlad, who will soon have his own companion series (SO excited about, I wonder if we'll get more of his history?).
When there are real people and real events in books, it makes them a little more credible, and I love it!

Email: joannestapley[at]gmail[dot]com

Mizz Rizz said...

I definitely do not like my vampires to sparkle. I like shiny objects as much as the next girl, but that was a little much. I like my vampires sexy, strong, fast and virtually immortal. I like mine to show a human side, because as most legends say, they were human. I like them when they show weakness, emotional or physical. I think the old legends about garlic, holy water, crosses, not being able to cross running water, not entering a home without invitation, are all out-dated. I think the paranormal writing community has done wonders for getting away from the old legends and creating new ones that are much more fascinating.

Elizabeth said...

I like the one about no reflection, honestly most vamps are so lovely or put out such a beautiful glamour they don't need one.

donnas said...

I like all the vampire myths. But my favorite is the classic like Dracula. No sunlight and no food, drink from the neck vamps.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

cegluna said...

I think each has their place depending on what type of mood a reader is in.
Today I happen to be in the mood for a sexy/sometimes deadly vamp, a la Eric Northman ;)


Margrethe said...

I really like the classic Dracula from the Bram Stoker novel, but I must admit a great fondness for David of Lost Boys *swoon*.

I did a paper one time about the Vampire legend and it's appeal in modern society, and I recalled a story that a friend of mine told about Vlad Tepesh that really hit home: it involved Vlad killing the wife of a peasant who refused to do her wifely duty of embroidering the necessary bands on her husband's shirt (around the neck and cuffs, to keep evil spirits out of his clothing, thus protecting him.) The neat thing was, the local peasantry were very satisfied at Prince Vlad's actions, because he had done away with a dangerous woman who obviously didn't want to protect her husband, and thus allowed the peasant to marry again to someone who would protect him.

Gives a completely different view of the 'bloody' Vlad the Impaler.

email: our (dot) meg (at) gmail (dot) com

SusanKMann said...

My favourite vampire myth is that they have fangs, ones you can see, ones they use to drink blood from human necks. However as a child I loved reading about a vampire who ate soap and another who drank cola. I was only 8 and they got me into vampires. x

winnie said...

My favourite kind of vampire would be the sexy, scary and funny kind such as those in the Night Huntress series because it is one of my favourite book series to read (and I love Bones!). But I am also fine with any other vampire mythology in books or movies as long as they have the main characteristics of fangs and are blood drinkers.


CLMcCune said...

I love Lynsay Sands "Argeneau" Nano Atlantis "Vamps". The concept of reguvination through technology is believable. Plus I LOVE that it makes you the perfect you! (ahh that last 5 lbs...gone)

Pommawolf said...

For me its "Angel". Just up until 3years ago when I got up at 3 a.m. to go to work as a nurse, I would watch the 2 episodes of Angel on TNT. For about 3 years we watch every epidode from thebeginning of the series to the very end, and they start it all over again...*S*
I still think they didn't finish right...


pommawolf @ hotmail dotcom

Llehn said...

I love the bad boy vampire like Spike from Buffy. It helps when they have an English accent as well.


Julie said...

Oh, I want to read that :)

My favorite vampires are dangerous and sexy, Dracula style... Though not quite with the million wives etc... I don't do sparkles however. ^.~

phoenixfirewolf at gmail

Mardel said...

I think vampires should definitely be scary...and think differently than humans. I'm not really into the angst ridden vampires who are so misunderstood, yet at the same time I'm not into the books where just to feed they have to go all out and kill - indiscriminitely.

There is also a range of types I like to read about - I don't mind when there are almost good vampires, as long as they're also on the edge of danger all the time. I also like the type of vampire used in Ilona Andrew's novels.

I really don't think that spardly vampires are okay...unless you are writing for the tween group, and why are you writing for them then?

Okay, I admit - I don't really know what kind of vampire I like the best - there's definitely a variety - as long as they are NOT angst-ridden hating what they do, type, and the story is good - then I'm good with reading them.

Clear as mud, right? :)

Mardel said...

Oh and I JUST remembered - I can't stand TV or movie vampires that have blood and gore just DRIPPING all over when they feed - seriously, why would any self-respecting vampire WASTE so much blood? Why be so obvious unless you were a newbie vampire? I think that's the one thing about Being Human that bugs me...When Mitch (I'm talking BBC Being Human, not the silly American version) and co. feed, they are way too messy and wasteful.

Anonymous said...

I rather like the 'I Am Legend' vampires... if you've only seen the movie and haven't read the book then I will NOT post spoilers here... but go READ the book! The movie with Will Smith was good, but the book was so much better!!! (The ending is different, fyi)

Also... having recently read Sean Hayden's Origins (and been lucky enough to get a hold of an ARC for Deceptions...) I REALLY like where he went with his vampires. :) Accepted in society... clean... sexy... still dangerous... but real.

I can't wait to dig into the Spellcrackers, either! :D

My twitter is (at)CalicoBooks and the best email is Books(at)

Thanks much!

Mikki-Manó said...

My favourite book series is the Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost and Bones is the first on my fave vampires list :) I generally prefer that kind of vampires like Bones.
Thanks for the giveaway,

Ladytink_534 said...

My favorite vampire myth is the vamps with sun intolerance. It's interesting to see how they get around their handicap.


Anonymous said...

Crosses, because some authors say the vampires cant look at them and then others say can.

Anonymous said...

Crosses, because some authors say that vampires cant look at crosses and then other authors say they can icyhotbabe2008(at)hotmail(dot)com

Aik said...

I love sexy vampires!

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Reading mind said...

Never sparkly fanged guys, please! I love Charlain Harris vampires, who are not-so-bad and not-so-good. And they deal with politics!

aliasgirl at libero dot it

CLMcCune said...

I hate to hear people say Vampires are souless. They merely embrace an altered state of life...right? :) LOL

Emily H. said...

My favorite vampire myths are those created by Anne Rice.

treerose AT yahoo DOT com

Marie said...

I love 'em all. The traditional vampire, dark, mysterious and sexy. If he wants to sparkle I wont begrudge him that. Every style vamp has something that still draws the attention. :)

Vins said...

For me vampires have to be at least a little bit mysterious, suave, seductive and since they're immortal (more or less) it's no fun unless they're at least a century or two old (young ones are just cannon fodder for all those slayers and what not). Of course in that time they are supposed to learn a thing or two so a fair bit of intelligence is expected (dumb vampires are just plain boring, except as aforementioned cannon fodder).

and since one of the previous commenters mentioned soulless of the more original (and fun)takes on vampires recently can be found in the Parasol Protectorate books :)

Best regards


MsInformed said...

My favorite vamps are the strong, mean, rude, sexy, smart....ones worth fighting for! Modern guys, not historical ones too. So far one of my absolute favorites has been Ethan from Chloe Neill's series and Bones from Jeaniene Frost's series.

mlleinformed (at) gmail (dot) com
or on twitter as mlleinformed

mariska said...

My favorite vamps, good looking, mysterious, smart, strong, and drink human bloods :)

uniquas at ymail dot com

Heather Hiestand said...

I like the lighter side of vampires. Yes, they have to be dark, seductive, and all that good stuff, but the writing can't take itself too seriously, like with Kerrelyn Sparks' series.

Heather Hiestand

Qwill said...

My favorite type of vampire is any vampire that does not bemoan his/her existence but embraces what they are. I do not like vampires that whinge. I do lean toward the vampire 'rules' that Bram Stoker used, but rules are made to be twisted. :D

on twitter as QQwill

Bea said...

I mostly like the scary bloodsucking vampires; with a few exception I'm not a fan of the sweet and cuddly vampires. They shouldn't be de-fanged, but should be dark, mysterious and scary.

@BeasBookNook on Twitter

Nicole Zoltack said...

Vampires don't sparkle!

Ahem, sorry about that.

My favorite vampire is Damon. Hot, sexy, tortured, he's such a deep and complex character.

Nicole.Zoltack AT

Carolyn H said...

My favorite myth about vampires is the coffin. I mean To carry around your bed would be crazy and that most of them have to be use. I love vampires. From Angel to Jean-Claude and Asher to Bones and to Eric.

Anonymous said...

My favorite vampire Myth is in Swedish folklore, where Vampires can increase their size at will and rise from the grave as wisps of smoke, "swimming" through solid rock to leave their graves undisturbed.
- Scott Paparella
paparella_s (at) hotmail (dot) com

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