Capital Cocktails and Critique!

Firstly, the giveaway for Shady Lady: Corine Solomon # 3 (US) (UK) by SuperWriter(tm) Ann Aguirre is now closed! Winner to be announced today. So there's still time to leave a comment here, telling me your fav holiday destination for a chance to win!

Secondly, I'm over at the fabulous Tynga's place for her Paranormal Spring Break with another Supernatural Capital Tour! You can win your choice of one of my books if you leave a comment here  saying which Tour you'd want to go on. The Dryad Treetop Walk seems to be coming out tops (sooooorry!! *g*) right now, though if you're a fan of Finn, the Bacchanalian All-Night Feast might be more your entertainment of choice :-D (ends 6th April)

And thirdly . . .

Genre for Japan is still open for bids until midnight BST (GMT +1) on 3rd April. And there's still lots to bid on, even if you haven't got the deep pockets you might wish for. So why not check out the  index of all the lots and see if anything takes your fancy!

A huge, HUGE THANK YOU to you awesome folk who have bid on my two lots: A character named after you in my next novel and a 25,000 word critique. I'm stunned and humbled, and extremely grateful for the help you're pledging to the people of Japan. Thank you so much again for your generosity.

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