Tiny Spoiler/s, Hawt JRM, New Lots on Genre for Japan, and Shady Lady Winner!

Genre for Japan is still open for bids until midnight BST (GMT +1) on Sunday 3rd April.

And in addition to the 137 fantastic items listed at the start, there are now more goodies for folk to bid on! So why not check out the index of all the lots: and see if you can't find something to take your fancy *g*. And remember it's all in a great cause. Last I heard G4J has raised over £7000 GBP, which is a wonderful amount!Happy Bidding All!

And again, a HUGE THANK YOU to you awesome folk who have bid on my two lots: A character named after you in my next novel and a 25,000 word critique. I'm extremely grateful for your bids, and that, through you, I can help those in need in Japan. Thank you again for your generosity. Of course, if anyone wants to bid higher, then please do . . . though I feel sort of mean to the people that have already bid, by saying that . . .

Anyway . . .

Now on to this week's winner!

Thanks to everyone who came by and told me where their favourite place to holiday is. I had a lot of fun, and a lot of 'Wish I Was There' daydreams about all the wonderful places you mentioned. *g*. And now for the lucky winner of Shady Lady Corine Solomon #3 by Ann Aguirre

Random.org has done it's random thing

And the winner is ...


Who said:
Does it have to be a place I've been? If so, depending on my mood/time/funds, my favorites are either a long weekend on Catalina Island or camping in southern Utah (specifically, Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon).

If it can be a dream holiday, Australia. I've a friend who lives on the Gold Coast, and for years I've been dreaming of spending some time there! ...someday. 

Congratulations, Rissatoo, an email is on its way to you!

This week's giveaway for Magic on the Huntby the awesome Devon Monk will be live later on today, so remember and check back then!

Oh, and don't forget, I'm over at the fabulous Tynga's place for her Paranormal Spring Break with another Supernatural Capital Tour! You can win your choice of one of my books if you leave a comment here  saying which Tour you want to go on. The Dryad Treetop Walk seems to be coming out tops (sooooorry!! *g*) right now, though if you're a fan of Finn, the Bacchanalian All-Night Feast might be more your entertainment of choice :-D (Int. Ends 6th April)

And there's still time for you to enter the Goodreads giveaway for 3 copies of The Cold Kiss of Death #2 - signed (US and Can) Ends 16th April.

Right, back to the Writing Cave now! For some reason this gentleman has decided to make an appearance in the current scene . . . Can't think why? *g* (Oh, and the picture contains more than one spoiler for The Shifting Price of Prey*teases*)

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