Paparazzi my book! + Tangled Threads - Jennifer Estep (giveaway)

So this week's giveaway post is going to be a shortie! I'm off to Eastercon (scroll down for my schedule) and have a ton of things to do, not least of which is the dreaded ironing, and getting my fringe(aka bangs in the US) trimmed*, since it seems to have grown an inch overnight!

I've heard that The Cold Kiss of Death (out April 26 US - only 4 days to go!!! Yay!!) might actually be out in some book stores now! Now there's nothing like seeing a book you've written in an actual book store! Much Happy Dancing and book rearranging ensues (and then the store assistants start to look askance, and ultimately ask you to leave - not that it's ever happened to me *looks innocent*). But as I live in the UK I can't check out any US stores :-(

So here's a bonus giveaway for peeps in the US. I'll send Spellcrackers Bling Pencils (one of each colour available - 6 - click to embiggen - and yes they are sparkly Swarovski Crystals on the ends!) to the first six folk to send me pictures of The Cold Kiss of Death on an actual shelf, in an actual book store in the US. Email your pics to contest at spellcrackers dot com (remembering to replace 'at' and 'dot' with @ and . :-)), with Spellcrackers Pencil Contest in the subject line. And don't forget to tell me which city the store is in, please. *curious*

So, onto this week's celebratory giveaway which is for Tangled Threads (Elemental Assassin, Book 4) by Jennifer Estep which releases April 26 in the US and the UK.

Here's the blurb from Amazon:

I’d rather face a dozen lethal assassins any night than deal with something as tricky, convoluted, and fragile as my feelings.

But here I am. Gin Blanco, the semi-retired assassin known as the Spider. Hovering outside sexy businessman Owen Grayson’s front door like a nervous teenage girl. One thing I like about Owen: he doesn’t shy away from my past—or my present. And right now I have a bull’s-eye on my forehead. Cold-blooded Fire elemental Mab Monroe has hired one of the smartest assassins in the business to trap me. Elektra LaFleur is skilled and efficient, with deadly electrical elemental magic as potent as my own Ice and Stone powers. Which means there’s a fifty-fifty chance one of us won’t survive this battle. I intend to kill LaFleur—or die trying—because Mab wants the assassin to take out my baby sister, Detective Bria Coolidge, too. The only problem is, Bria has no idea I’m her long-lost sibling . . . or that I’m the murderer she’s been chasing through Ashland for weeks. And what Bria doesn’t know just might get us both dead. . . .

Ooh! Sounds exciting! Can't wait to read it, though I do have a bit of a EEK! Oh noes! reaction when it comes to the Gin books . . . Yep, as a life-long sufferer of arachnophobia, that whole spider thing gets to me. Just the mention of the word makes my pulse splutter and shudders run down my spine. *takes a moment to calm herself* And as I can't force myself to have a pic of ELF (eight-legged freak) on the blog, here's one of the Escaped Easter Bunny from the London Experience (one of the places in The Cold Kiss of Death  - see this blog post for dets) who is terrorising London this Easter Weekend!

So what do you have to do to be in with a chance of winning Tangled Threads (or your choice of an earlier book in the series)? Just leave me a comment telling me if you have a phobia (and what it is), or not! Simple, heh!

How to enter:

Leave a comment saying if you have a phobia (and what it is), or not.

Please leave a way to contact you (email in comment: Please remember to replace @ with [at] to forestall spam - or your twitter name - no way to contact you - no entry).

Giveaway is international and closes end of day (GMT time) 28th April 2011.

Full General Terms and Rules at the bottom of this post here.

You can get an extra entry by tweeting about the giveaway. Leave the link to the tweet as an extra comment.

And don't forget to check out the Giveaway Schedule here. And so you don't miss out on a chance of winning any of the wonderful books in the coming weeks, why not follow me? (following is not a condition of entry).

Please note: My usual blog policy is that I try to reply to all comments on the blog, but for ease of admin I won't be replying to any comments made on any of the giveaway posts during the 16 weeks. Sorry, but it makes it much harder to sort out the winner. However I do read and enjoy all the comments, and will, of course, continue to reply to comments on any other post, so if you have a question for me, leave it on one of those, thank you :-)

All book links lead to Amazon (UK/US) or the Book Depository, and contain affiliate links. I've decided to go affiliate as I love giving books away (and not just as a way of shameless self-promo), but boy, does it get expensive.

Eastercon Schedule

I'll be there from lunchtime Saturday until mid-morning Sunday. I'm doing a reading* with Dan Abnett at 15.00 on Saturday. I'm not sure who's going first, but I'll be in the room from 15.00. At other times I'll be in the Dealers' room at the Gollancz table, in the bar, or wondering. Please do say hello and chat, and please forgive me if I don't immediately match you in RL with your online persona, if I know you. I'm not very good at that sort of thing. But feel free to give me clues, and add to my embarrassment as I try and guess who you are :-D

I was all on my lonesome at my first, and until now, only reading (Fantasycon 2008), so please come and see me. I'll be bringing Cadbury's mini eggs, liquorice torpedoes, and Spellcrackers Bling pencils. *offers bribes and looks hopeful*

*I'm lucky, my SiL is a hairdresser, and is wonderful for these sorts of panicked emergencies :-)

Okay so the post isn't that short - what can I say, I'm a writer *g*


Unknown said...

Hi Suzanne!
I don't have a phobia per say, but I DO have an INTENSE dislike for insects ever since I saw a live cockroach 3/4 of the way inside a young girl's ear & still alive...
Thank you for the opportunity to win Jennifer's latest Gin novel!
(& when the stores are open on Saturday I'll check for yours!)
All the best,
Happy Good Friday,

Anonymous said...

I have an incredibly terrible phobia of spiders. Tiny ones...big ones, doesn't matter. So long as they have those creepy long legs i'm gone.


-Mocha from A Cupcake and A Latte.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure if it's an actual phobia, 'cause I only recently noticed, but I really dislike enclosed, small places. It makes me super discomfortable. And a little afraid. Must be the lack of air entry, I gues... jeez... >.< LOL

kah_cherub at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

+1 tweet:

kah_cherub at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I have a phobia of the sea.

I simply hate the thought of drowning and the way it moves up and down makes me feel freak out big time. I get so nervous going over bridges too, just in case it collapses and I fall in O.O.

Anonymous said...

oops forgot to add my email.


LSUReader said...

I don't have any phobias. Actually, I kind of like spiders, because of all the creepy crawly things they eat.

I love Jennifer's Gin books. Thanks so much for the giveaway. (Email in profile.)

Unknown said...

Phobias: Bugs, heights, bridges, ladders... and I know there are more. I am a worrier. None of my phobias incapacitate me, but I have definite discomforts.

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

Mariee said...

My phobias are: spiders, needles and deep dark water.

marieimy (at) gmail (dot) com

Mariee said...


marieimy (at) gmail (dot) com

Barbara E. said...

I love the Elemental Assassin series, and I can't wait to get my hands on Tangled Threads. My phobia is heights, I hate being really high and feeling like I could fall. Being on a high roller coaster doesn't scare me though, I guess 'cause I'm strapped in, LOL. I also don't like spiders, especially the great big hairy wolf spiders we have in Florida. Those things are icky. And we had these bugs we called potato bugs in California, those things look like little alien monsters, I hate them.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

Lesley said...

I am terrified of clowns. I read recently Johnny Depp is scared of them too so I'm in good company. I once had to leave a kids birthday party and sit outside as mrs giggles the clown was making balloon animals and generally scaring the life out of me.

I love the Elemental Assasin series it's fab.

Lesley1567 at gmail dot com

donnas said...

Spiders. Even seeing them on TV makes me itch. Actually thinking about them kind of does too. Going to stop doing that now.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

donnas said...

tweet -!/DonnaS1/status/62019304438235136

bacchus76 at myself dot com

tetewa said...

I'm very claustrophobic and I can't wait to read Tangled Threads as I've enjoyed the rest of this series!

jeanette8042 said...

I have a phobia of bugs because they're just so creepy to me.


Unknown said...

Hi Suzanne :-) I don't have a phobia, but I hate snakes, find them disgusting. When I was 6 years old and my mom was pregnant with my little sister I had a horrible nightmare that my mom and I we went to the zoo and a huge boa broke free of its cage and bit my mom's stomach and I remember that dream to this day even though 20 years have passed! But we sure have a special bond with my lil sister :-)

Thank you for the great giveaway I just discovered Jennifer Estep's series last week and LOVED Spider's Bite, can't wait to read the next novels! :-)

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

Unknown said...

I also tweeted here:!/Stella_ExLibris/status/63312984612679681

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

Missy said...

Seriously scared of spiders it's the only time i will scream like a proper girl and run away faster then the flash it doesn't matter how big or small they even the tiny money spiders are enough to make me go all crazy and i actually have to go shower and change all clothes and it's even worse when there's a spider in the bath :/ Also daddy long legs i swear they are spiders with wings they come from nowhere and bomb you in the face and kinda scared they will get tangled up in my hair seeing either of these in real or in movies/tv creeps me out completely and don't just make me itch but also makes me want to throw up, wont catch me watching eight legged freaks either aha i know i'm a big wuss :(


Modokker said...

First thing that comes to mind is scary movies. Don't watch them have no desire to try them out. I had to watch Friday the 13th when i was sick as a kid and that was more than enough for me lol

Lisa B
modokker At Yahoo dot com

Mistyuk said...

Mmmmm now you've made me turn from 'think I'm well tough' to ''s a wonder I leave the house'!!

I have more phobias than I ever would have dreamt!

My top one must be a phobia to 'b*llshit' - I have an extreme reaction....makes me itch to poke someone in the eye!!


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