Winner: London Tour Giveaway!

Thanks to everyone who left comments about which London Tour from The Cold Kiss of Death (out 26th April - only 4 days to go!!! Yay!!) they'd like to take! All the places are fabulous, so if you ever get the chance to visit . . . Go for it!!

And now for the winner, who gets their choice of one of my books! *g* has spoken . . .

and the winner is


Who said...

Only pick one? Are you kidding me? I wanna see EVERYTHING in London! Waaah!

OK, let's get serious... We have wonderful wineries nearby for tastings, so that can be crossed off. Same goes for the market. I've seen the London Bridge here (is it at Lake Havasu? Cannot recall, it's been 20 years.), so not that. I'm pretty sure I can see boat replicas down at the harbor, so no Hinde.
Huh. That still leaves me with what? Clink, Experience & Tombs, I think. A quick coin toss (What? You don't have a three-sided coin, too? :p), and the winner is: the London Experience. Whew. That was difficult.

Congratulations Rissatoo! A tweet is on its way to you!

Thanks again to everyone for entering! This week's giveaway will go live soon!

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