Desdaemona by Ben Macallan

I was asked if I would read, and if I liked, to blurb Desdaemona by Ben Macallan. So I read, and I LOVED, and so here's the blurb! :-)

"Ben Macallan masterfully weaves myth, magic and the mundane to create a world where dangerous supernaturals control the shadows in a superbly realized English landscape. With its deft plotting, evocative prose, and the unique pairing of Jay, the plucky, engaging narrator, with the cool, take-no-prisoners Desdaemona, Macallan’s tale is smart, witty, full of surprises, and grips until the very last shock. Desdaemona Rocks! I can’t wait for the next book!" Suzanne McLeod, author of the urban fantasy series.

Ben is a.k.a. the inimitable Chaz Brenchley, and while I know Chaz from chatting occasionally on LJ, and at conferences, I have to confess I've never read any of his books before. After reading Desdaemona, I'm searching out his other books, and eagerly hoping that 'Ben Macallan' writes many more wonderful stories in Desdaemona's world! If you're an urban fantasy fan then Desdaemona is one for your TBR pile!

Here's the cover blurb from Goodreads:

Jordan helps kids on the run find their way back home. He’s good at that. He should be – he’s a runaway himself. Sometimes he helps the kids in other, stranger ways. He looks like a regular teenager, but he’s not. He acts like he’s not exactly human, but he is. He treads the line between mundane reality and the world of the supernatural, including the awesome Powers That Be.

Desdaemona also knows the non-human world far too well. She tracks Jordan down and enlists his aid in searching for her lost sister Fay, who did a Very Bad Thing involving an immortal. This may be a mistake – for both of them. Too many people are interested now, and some of them are not people at all!

Desdaemona is out on 1st June in the UK, and 31st May in the US.

(There is one slightly odd thing I want to add about the cover, which I love . . . but, despite the fab werewolf lurking in the background, werewolves only play a very small part in the book, so . . . don't expect lots of werewolf action :-))


Jennzah said...

it sounds great! another book to add to the long list of wants! :)

Mardel said...

Okay, sounds good. I'll have to check this one out. :)

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