An Invite to Fangs, Fur & Fey!

Yesterday, Melissa Marr, one of the founders of the LJ community Fangs, Fur & Fey was kind enough to invite me to join them! Now I've been lurking there, like forever, and hoping that one day...

So here's my entry x posted.

Hi Everyone

Thanks so much to Melissa for inviting me, and I’m delighted and honoured to accept. I’ve been a watcher ever since the FFF comm. started and now I get to join ~big grin~ I’ve learnt a huge amount from the fabulous authors here and everyone’s comments, lots of great info on writing, publishing and of course, so many awesome books to go on my reading wish list ;).

And now a little about me – I’m a UK author, living on the South Coast with my dh (who is Scottish and wonderful in so many ways, not least for his support!) and our two rescue dogs, a hyperactive Jack Russell/Lab cross, and a couch-potato German shepherd/lab cross! I’ve been writing for just over four years and my love is Urban Fantasy. Just before Christmas my fantastic agent, John Jarrold, sold my first three books to Gollancz. Wow! Was that the best Christmas present ever! But don’t you just hate writing about yourself? I always find is sooooo much easier to write about my world and my characters, so…

“Welcome to present day London, England, and the world of Genevieve Taylor, a sidhe fae.

A place where you can dance the night away with a celebrity vampire, ride the underground with a goblin worker, buy a love charm from the witches’ market, report a crime to a mountain troll and log on to and hire a sidhe or a satyr to sort out that annoying pixie infestation.

But be warned!

Be polite when you meet a brownie or a cluricaun, lest your milk turn sour and your beer stop flowing. Don’t go swimming in the Thames with the kelpie. Visiting Sucker Town after sunset is just asking for trouble to bite you. And never, ever, break a bargain made with a fae, for the magic will always extract its retribution.

In the first novel (title to be confirmed), when one of the hot calendar pin-up vamps, Mr October, is accused of murdering his girlfriend, a longstanding obligation means Genny can't refuse to help prove his innocence. Initially, she agrees with the police that he is guilty. But as events unfold, Genny begins to have doubts.”

Where am I now? ... Well having written and delivered book one to my editor, I’m now waiting anxiously for her notes. I’ve been reading the recent comments on those with great interest, believe me! I already know my book is way too long at 137K words, and I’ve got to cut it down to the 100K!!! (a whole sub-plot has to go) Also, I’ve got to tone down the sex (which tells you I’m definitely writing for the adult market ~grin~) Then I’ve got nine month deadlines for book two and three! Scary – especially ‘cos I’m such a slow writer ~ sigh. But the best bit of all, is I get to go play with my characters some more, and even though I write to a plan, they still constantly surprise me.

Thanks again for inviting me, and any questions?? Just ask away ;)
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