Winner: Magic on the Storm

And the winner of MAGIC ON THE STORM is


who said: "I just started reading Kelley Armstrong's World of the Underworld Series, and I'm waiting to get my hands on the next book Broken. Love Devon Monk's books and they all have beautiful covers!"

Congratulations, Nickie! Please send your snail mail address to contest[at]spellcrackers[dot]com and Devon's book will be on its way to you :-)


Thanks everyone for entering the giveaway and letting me know what book you're looking forward to reading next - there are some great ones there!

Happy Book Birthday!

Yay! My first book

The Sweet Scent of Blood: #1

is released today in the US!

And it shares its book birthday with some fab books that I'm so looking forward to reading, some of which are below*.
I couldn't be happier for my book to be in such great company.
Happy Book Birthday to all!

I hope you all like my book over on your side of the pond, and don't forget to check out my current contests for a chance to win one of my books!

1. Thinking of buying The Sweet Scent of Blood, or have you recently bought it? Then enter my Thank You for Buying My Book Contest. (photo of purchase receipt required - date of purchase to be between 31st March 2010 - 31st July 2010)

2. The Sweet Scent of Blood - #1 releases in the US on 27th April 2010. Join in the Virtual Book Tour and enter the contest to win a copy of my books. (no purchase required)

3. Already a Fan? Then enter my I *LOVE* My Readers! contest. (no proof of purchase required)

Full details on how to enter here.

*I have massive cover envy for Lori Devoti's Amazon Queen *sighs*

Good News, Bad News, Tomatoes and a (giveaway) apology

First off, here's the Good News! I can now let you in on the blurb for

The Shifting Price of Prey #4

Genny's life has never been busier: the summer solstice is approaching, magic is going haywire, is under inexperienced new management, and London is hosting this year's Carnival Fantastique. Then a unicorn is found horribly mutilated in Regent's Park, garden fairies start dying out of season, and an eminent wildlife activist and her young son are snatched from a Conservation Conference. Searching for answers takes Genny and her friends, Tavish the kelpie and the super-sexy vampire Malik al-Khan, deep into magical London to the decadent and dangerous Forum Mirabilis, the secret, bloody heart of the Carnival Fantastique. And it's not long before Genny and her friends are under attack from a millennium-old adversary as they fight to save both the victims and themselves . . .

Yay! I hope you like the sound of it. I'm so excited to be able to write this book, I really love the story (even when I'm being an *evil author* to my characters *g*) and had a lot of fun writing the synopsis for it - which I actually did last July! Big thanks to Jo, my wonderful editor at Gollancz for buying it (and books 5 & 6 too *does happy dance*). The Shifting Price of Prey UK's pub date will be 16th June 2011.

Oh, right, the tomatoes *g* Well, I'm growing some, so expect to be spammed with Tomato pics soon :-) Hopefully mine will look as good as these *fingers crossed*.

Now for the Bad News :-(

Unfortunately the publishing date for The Bitter Seed of Magic - #3 (UK) has been put back approx 2 months to the 18th November 2010. :-( I'm really sorry and disappointed about this, and there's no one reason as to why, but several* that all together mean this is the best thing for the book.

Lastly the apology. To say sorry I'm going to hold a giveaway for the new book of one of my favourite authors - Devon Monk - Magic on the Storm. I was lucky to win a signed ARC, and I can tell you this book is a fab-u-lous read! I *LOVE* it!

All you have to do to be in with a chance at winning is to leave me a comment telling me which book you're looking forward to reading next.

I also love this cover, I think it's the best yet of all of the Allie Beckstrom books. But the book to be won is another ARC (not my signed one, I'm keeping that ;p) so the cover is sort of plain yellow card, and not quite as pretty.

One entry per commentator.

Contest now closed Giveaway ends 29th April 2010 end of day anywhere.

International - open to all.

Winner will be drawn by and notified here on the blog

And don't forget you can also enter to win one of my books at the contests page at!

* I injured my arm and shoulder while I was writing it. This in turn casued a bad flare up with my carpal tunnel and RSI problems, which sadly caused me to miss my deadline. Then Jo, my editor had her own health problems, which delayed the editing process. So although everyone is sorry, the decision was made to put back the pub date, but this means the book will be better for not being rushed through to meet the original date.

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New Contests Page at

Snowed under by RL here, so more later, but have managed to get the website updated with a new Contests page for the upcoming US release of The Sweet Scent of Blood - # 1 on 27th April 2010.

Go check it out, it's here, and enter to win books!

Go on, you know you want to *g*


And if you're looking for something great to read right now . . . then look no further than the fabulous Marta Acosta of Vampire Wire, and Casa Dracula fame - she's offering her full length YA book The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove free to readers. I read some of the first chapters of this some time ago on Marta's blog, and it's fantastic reading. So what are you waiting for! Go read now!

Ad made by Amanda at Love Vampires! She's read The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove, and said it's "Bloody brilliant." Yay!

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