I'm going to be here, here, and here . . .

Tomorrow, Sat 13th, I'll be here at EDGE-LIT 2 - science-fiction, fantasy and horror day, at the QUAD, Derby.The Guests of Honour are these wonderful three - Mike Carey, Stan Nicholls and Tricia Sullivan.

My panels:

11am – Fear Today: What Scares Us in 2013? Tom Fletcher, Suzanne McLeod, Sarah Pinborough, Niki Valentine, Conrad Williams

5pm – Urban Renewal: What Makes Urban Fantasy so Popular? Suzanne McLeod, Lou Morgan, Emma Newman,Gaie Sebold, Freda Warrington

Full schedule of events is here.

If you're going then don't forget to say hello and have a chat.

Monday 15th I'm heading up to London with a bag full of my all time favourite books*, because the awesome Charlaine Harris is doing a signing at Waterstones, Gower Street! Woot!! *HUGE FAN GIRL SQUEE* :-D

*Books are already packed - though not sure if the store has a limit on how many Charlaine will be able to sign, so if you're going too (don't forget to say hello :-D) best check first before taking a pile. *makes note to follow own advice*  *books are heavy* *g*

And if you can't make London, then the rest of Charlaine's UK tour details are here.

And on Tuesday 16th I'm delighted to be a guest of the Storyslingers writers' group in Shaftesbury, Dorset. I'll be appearing with good pal and fab SFF author Jaine Fenn at the Shaftesbury Arts Centre at 6.30pm. We're planning on doing short readings then a fairly informal Q and A. We'll do our best to live up to this impressive poster! More details here.
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