Spellcrackers Newsletter!

I've set up a new Newsletter! I might even send one out soon!!! (I know, I'm shocked too ;-)) So why not come and sign up and get all the latest Spellcrackers news first!

And if you're thinking: 'Hey, I signed up before, so maybe that shy little thing, the Spellcrackers Newsletter might now actually drop into my inbox!' - then read on . . .

Sadly, a snafu with my website host* has resulted in some of my subscribers' details being deleted. So if you signed up before May 2014, and want to continue to get the newsletter, please come and sign up again. (Oh, and don't worry about getting duplicate newsletters, if you're already on the list it will integrate your email addy; it's spiffy like that :-D).

Sign up here!

*They decided not to do newsletters any more and deleted the function - without telling anyone as far as I can find out.  *sigh*
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