International Urban Fantasy Month - Winners!

Thanks to all who entered, there were lots of great Urban Fantasy posts and lots of Urban Fantasy love!
I had a lot of fun reading them all!

Now for the winners of the International Urban Fantasy Month giveaway . . .

*Spooky Drumroll*

Blodeuedd who said...
I love it because honestly it is just so kickass. I love the spunky heroines that know what they want and they do not back down and have to be rescued by the hero (well not all the time at least)

And I love that there is always that hint of romance around the corner, sometimes explored a bit, sometimes growing

Anna who said...
I love Urban Fantasy because it is the first genre I discovered when I decided to read something in another language than my native one.Silly I know but first love does hard :)
And I love its authors because they seriously know how to create tough female heroes who struggle to overcome any obstacles!

Breanne who said...
I love UF because you can get a great story with elements of mystery, action and romance, all rolled together with a magical twist. Great way to spend an afternoon and escape to a new place for a few hours.

Congratulations all! Happy Hallowe'en! And emails are on their way to the winners soon!

*Thanks to Pumpkin image from here (with many more cool ones!) with thanks!

Halloween Mash!

Please join me and dozens of your favorite authors at the 2011 Halloween Mash at Writerspace tonight from 8pm ET to 11pm ET. We’re giving away 100s of fantastic prizes -- Kindles, autographed books, gift cards and more. The more who enter, the more Kindles will be awarded! You don't have to be present to win, but you must be registered. To register and for details visit

I'm giving away 3 signed copies of The Bitter Seed of Magic! Yay!

And don't forget to enter the International Urban Fantasy Month giveaway in the blog post below! Lots more books to win! But be quick it ends tonight!

International Urban Fantasy Month - Giveaways!

Hello, fellow urban fantasy fans!

Look what the fabulous Jaye Wells is up to . . .

(and 'cause I'm in the middle of revisions and my brain is fried - I'll let Jaye tell you in her own words - stolen straight from the awesome lady's mouth, err, blog! Oh, and, I'm coming slightly late to the party here - those revisions again :-D)

(Giveaway over at Jaye's, and one here - check below!)

I am hereby declaring October International Urban Fantasy Month!

Yes, yes, we only have two weeks left. But I think we put our evil minds to it, we can really blow this out. Naturally, my first thought was to hold a contest to celebrate. But I didn’t want to do just any contest. I wanted to do something that celebrates the genre but also brings new fans into the fold.

Here’s where you come in. Everyone who writes a love letter to Urban Fantasy on their own blogs (be sure to track back to this one so you’re counted) or here in comments if you don’t have a blog of your own, will be entered for a chance to win an epic prize pack of Urban Fantasy novels (with a couple of paranormal romances thrown in for spice).

So what constitutes an urban fantasy love letter? Talk about your favorite books or characters. Talk about what you love about the genre in general. Write a snarky haiku, romantic sonnet or dirty limerick. Anything goes as long as its about UF and how awesome it is.

Go check out the awesome list of prizes OVER ON JAYE'S BLOG.  Includes a copy of The Sweet Scent of Blood! Yay!

So join in and spread the urban fantasy love. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell the world:

Urban fantasy rocks!

Other authors getting into the spirit of Intl. Urban Fantasy Month are:

Sierra Dean's blog

Michelle Rowan's blog

And Me! Right here!

To Enter my Giveaway: Leave a comment on this post about urban fantasy and why you love it or its authors. And don't forget to go enter the other giveaways too!

3 winners can each choose 3 books from the list of books below.
Winners will be chosen by
Please leave email (remembering to replace @ with at to forestall spam), twitter, or way to contact you in comment.
Closes October 30, 2011. Winners announced Oct 31st. International where Book Depository deliver.
Full giveaway rules at bottom of post here.


TEMPEST RISING by Nicole Peeler
TEMPEST’S LEGACY by Nicole Peeler

The Sweet Scent of Blood (Spellcrackers #1) by Suzanne McLeod
The Cold Kiss of Death (Spellcrackers #2) by Suzanne McLeod
The Bitter Seed of Magic (Spellcrackers #3) by Suzanne McLeod 

Mind Games (The Disillusionists Trilogy: Book 1) by Carolyn Crane

Double Cross (The Disillusionists Trilogy: Book 2) by Carolyn Crane

Sins of the Angels (The Grigori Legacy #1) by Linda Poitevin

Kindling the Moon: An Arcadia Bell Novel #1 by Jenn Bennett

Twisting Myths!

I'm talking about myths over at the fab new Gollancz blog - why not go see? :-D

Can you see them?

It's no secret I love Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books, and lookee here! My lovely publisher, Gollancz, have given the UK editions some bloody spiffy new covers!

(I've added the obligatory Eric Northman pic*, to round out the set, of course! *g*)

But can you see what's there? I couldn't, not until it was pointed out to me* :-D

*observationalskillzfail* *sigh*

*Clue! Check out the blood!

Filming at The Rookery!

Want to know a really scary exciting, cool thing that happened to me a couple of weeks ago? 'Course you do! (Hey, stop that heckling at the back there! *g*) Well, I was filmed* for a short piece that's going to be part of the fantastic TV show - The Book Show. Squeeeeee! (and also *faints*) Find them on twitter here: @thebookshow

The show's host, Mariella Frostrup, is interviewing Anne Rice, author of Interview with a Vampire (bet you can guess what they wanted to ask me about - yep, those fanged creatures who are so popular just now *g*). So if you want to see how I did *bites knuckles* (and you're in the UK and can view the Sky TV channel 243 - not sure if it will be available online - for which you're all probably thankful ;p) then tune in at 8pm on Thursday 13th October.

*The actual filming took just over an hour - obviously that's a lot of me on film O_O, which was pretty nerve wracking, though not so bad as it could've been, as I knew that they were only going to use about 2/4 mins of it at most (the best/most pertinent bits *phew*). And for those interested in these things, I did my own make up - not one of my strong suits, and something I don't usually wear too much of, so hopefully I don't look too washed out or overdone *sighs*.

The film crew consisted of the lovely Victoria who asked me questions, the camera man, the lighting man, and the sound man, all who were very friendly and professional. The filming took place in the gorgeous room above (I sat at the side end of the table there, with the bookcases behind me). The room was chosen for its slightly gothic feel, and the curtains drawn/lights off so it looked suitably dark, but the actual camera lights trained on me were bright enough to double for an interrogation! (Not that it felt like that at all :-D!!). Victoria and the cameraman also had a small monitor which they used to check they were getting the shots they wanted, and the mic - perched just above my head - wasn't in frame. It was really so interesting and cool to see how it is all done.

I wasn't the only one being filmed (I didn't see any of the other participants, though, so I don't know who they are :-)), so I'm curious to see who else is on the show.

Hey, and if I really suck, please be kind to me :-)

ETA: Well, I got my 15 seconds of fame :-D. I was quite anxious waiting to see what I was going to sound/look like*  and whilst short (yep, hope no one blinked, otherwise they'd have missed me - which is a whole lot better than ending on the cutting room floor *g*), but I thought I did okay'ish. So, now feeling very relieved, it's wine o'clock! And loved the spooky lights and sounds added!

With thanks to the superawesome Jon Weir, Senior Publicity Manager at Gollancz for getting me the gig - find him on twitter @jon_weir

Book Chat + Giveaway at Book Lovers Inc.

I'm over at the wonderful Book Lovers Inc, talking a bit about characters and books (bet that surprised you, heh? *g*), for their 1000 Follower Celebration!

Plus there are Giveaways!Woot!!

Winner's choice of one of my books (Int.)! 
(Read them already? Then why not enter to win for a friend and spread the Spellcrackers love :-D)
A super-awesome Blowout Giveaway!
And more fabulous giveaways to come! 

Book Lovers INC

All Giveaways will end on Saturday, October 22 and Book Lovers Inc will announce the winners on Sunday, 23rd. Details here.

Dragons, Daleks and Spooky Houses!

Facebook/Twitter peeps will have already seen, but the pic spam is too good not to share again :-D
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