Escaping the Writing Cave for The Black Stuff and The Kraken!


Yes, I know, I've been a bit quiet recently, but I've been deep in the Writing Cave with The Shifting Price of Prey #4 (and sometimes with #5, The Hidden Rune of Iron - but don't tell book 4 I've been cheating on it *g*). I actually think TSPOP has been the hardest book to write (but then, I think that about all of them . . . when I'm writing), but this has definitely been the loooooongest book to write, for sure. And the saddest*, in that some very cool characters got the chop from the first draft. *sob* But fear not, for they are currently Livin' La Vida Loca* on the sunloungers by the pool, knocking back the mojitos and itching for their very own story. One day. :-D

But I am escaping the Writing Cave this next week! Yay!

First up is DUBLIN where I'm going to the wonderful Phoenix Convention.

11.00 Saturday: I'm doing "Just A Minute" with the fabulous Sarah Pinborough, the legendary Robert Rankin and the awesome John Connolly. Yep, with those three, so we all know how that one's going to go - I am so dead - especially after listening to myself talk the other night! Hesitation, Deviation and Repetition? I'm an expert at all three! So if you're about, come see them slaughter me, err, sorry, all the FUN *g*

16.00 Sunday: I'm on the panel "Internet Piracy and the Erosion of Authors’ Rights" with George Green, Oisín McGann, and Juliet E McKenna. Probably a more serious, but definitely very interesting chat this one.


Then I'm escaping again next on Thrusday the 8th from 6pm - 8pm. I'm going to be in LONDON at Blackwell's, Charing Cross for the 

There will be authors! There will be books! There will be readings! There will be mysterious figures from literature, art and film, all eager to deliberate the most classically terrifying works of fantasy and horror. There will be Black Kraken Rum! It will be a wonderful evening full of chat about, well, books, films, art, rum and the Gothic! Which will, of course, include Vampires! *g*

Hope to see you there if you're about!!


And now I've earwormed you all with Ricky Martin . . . Sláinte!

* No other reason, so don't panic. Well, okay, maybe another reason, but hey, no spoilers here! Right?
* aka my laptop! What? I'm a writer! I'm supposed to have an imagination! *g*
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