Happy Hallowe'en

Happy Hallowe'en everyone - wishing you all a spooky one!

Wow! Long time no blog! In my defence, I've been working/writing hard, and have had my reasons*, so this is just a short Hallowe'en post.

~ Seeing as it's Hallowe'en, I've added a short article - Magical London - to my website on how different places in London have influenced my books, along with some interesting links. Among other things, the article talks about real myths and magic in London. Grab yourself 5 minutes and a tea/coffee/cocktail, and pop on over for a quick read :-)

~ Insert blatant self-promotion - The Cold Kiss of Death takes place in the week leading up to All Hallows' Eve so is ideal scary reading for this time of year *g*.
And for those who have a Kindle: The Sweet Scent of Blood - Spellcrackers.com 1 and The Cold Kiss of Death - Spellcrackers.com 2 - are now available.**

~ Cover Tease! I've seen an early preview of the cover for The Bitter Seed of Magic - Spellcrackers.com - and I *LOVE* it! The Gollancz art department have done a fantastic job. Sorry to tease, but I'll share as soon as I can.

~ Writing news! I'm still writing [slow writer here *sigh*] The Bitter Seed of Magic, and I'm very happy with how the story is going [on my good days - on the bad days . . . well then it all feels like everything is sooooo bad that no one will like it :-( ]

Anyway, here's a small unedited quote from The Bitter Seed of Magic - enjoy!

Bandana grinned wider. ‘You should thank me, sidhe. You tried to swallow too much magic and it was ripping you apart, if it hadn’t been for my hold on you, you would’ve have faded.’ His long ankle-length brown coat split into a cape of thin whip-like willow branches that shifted in the spring breeze. I suppressed another shudder as the sensory memory of his branches tightening around my arms and legs surfaced, then pushed Finn away as my stomach roiled and I vomited up a stream of brackish-tasting liquid.

‘Oh and I poured salted river water down your throat while you were out of it.’ I heard Bandana say happily past the noise of my own retching. ‘Didn’t want the magic to have any nasty lingering after effects.’

Sadistic bastard. I wiped my mouth on the sleeve of my denim jacket, wishing not for the first time that I’d blasted all of him into wood shavings five months ago, instead of just his appendages.

That's all for now, so Happy Hallowe'en, and may you all have a fun-filled, scary time, with more treats than tricks!

* Whinge alert! - I've had some minor health problems which have meant my RSI and carpel tunnel problems have resurfaced. I'm fine, I've got all the correct medication and various splints etc, so it's all under control. But it's meant [along with my impending Deadline of Doom - is there any other kind? *g*] that I've had to be careful about resting - so the blog has fallen by the wayside. Sorry everyone.

** Both books are also available as Ebooks here.

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